Sunday, January 27, 2013


 I love these girls so much.  I love how much they love each other.  Savanna is always watching Heidi and usually has a huge grin on her face while she watches Heidi play.  Heidi loves her "sissy sis" and often has her hands on her.  That's why I love the top picture.  I really, really hope my girls will be best friends.  I always wanted a sister and I hope they won't take it for granted.
 I am so grateful that Heidi has been so sweet and gentle with Savanna.  She is starting to show jealousy when I give Savanna something to play with that she is sure is hers, but thankfully she has never been mean to Savanna.  She will always, always stop what she is doing to give her little sister a kiss.
I can't believe I get to be the mom to these two beautiful little girls.  Although I would love for flu season to end so I can stop being so paranoid about them getting sick, I wish time wouldn't go so quickly.  I look at them and wonder where the time is going because it seems they are growing and changing every time I blink.

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