Saturday, August 12, 2017

savanna's first day of pre-k

I cannot believe I only get one more year before this gorgeous little thing goes to kindergarten.  Savanna is an absolute joy and I can't get enough of her funny, spunky little personality.

One morning last week the girls were having a discussion about being "weird".  I am not even sure what brought up but Heidi said something like, "Well, dad said that everyone is weird so it doesn't matter."  Then Savanna, with great passion, said, "Well, I am not weird.  I am AMAZING!"  Oh Savanna, you ARE amazing and I hope that you never, ever let anyone let you feel otherwise.  I love that she stands up for herself and lets things roll off her back.  I love her passion.  I love that everything she does, she does at 110%.   I love her heart and her positive, happy little soul.

When I dropped Savanna off at school, she got nervous.  She was so excited to go and has been talking for months about what she will do at recess first.  As we got in the car she said, "I will talk to my teachers in a few months
 when I know them better."  It takes her a little bit to warm up to new people and new situations.  When we got in the room, she totally panicked.  She cried and didn't want to be left.  By the end of the day she was fine and she said she had a great day and has been asking when she gets to go back again.  I hope it's a good year for her and that she feels comfortable soon.  Her class is almost all girls, which is a welcome change from her almost all boy class last year.

The last picture makes me laugh.  The sun was in Savanna's eyes so I told her to close her eyes and open them on 3.  This is what I got on 3 hahaha!  I love those beautiful eyes on that beautiful girl with the most beautiful heart.

I hope you have the best year, Zanny Zoo!!!!  Your teachers and classmates are so lucky to have a precious girl like you in their class!

caimbree's turn for dance

This girl.  Oh she has been so excited and ready to start dance like her sisters.  She is so low stress when it comes to starting new things because she doesn't flip out when she tries something new or when she leaves me.  Watching her in her class was the absolute cutest and most enjoyable experience.  She participated like a champ, was grinning the whole time, and was sad when the 45 minutes was over.  I am so happy she gets to dance this year.  I am also very, very grateful for a go with the flow with Caimbree is such a treat!

dental appointments

 I finally took the girls in for dental appointments right before school started.  We have the absolute best pediatric dental office in town.  They were so good with the girls, that as soon as we left, they asked when they would get to go back!  If you know my kids, you know that is huge!  I couldn't believe how stress free it was for me and I am so grateful we have a good place our kids love for their dental health!

lost pictures

 I found a few gems on my phone that I had never uploaded, but don't want to forget or lose. Before school started, I took the girls shopping to pick out one new outfit for school.  All 3 of them absolutely love shopping and love clothes.  We had so much fun together, even if I hardly ever brave the stores or the crowds with my 3 ladies...thank you online shopping haha.  Every time they would try something on they wanted their picture taken.  They each picked out a cute back to school outfit, we went to lunch, and then we sat in a lot of traffic to get home!  Their new outfit got them both super excited to start school, if they weren't excited enough already!
 Heidi didn't end up with any of her friends in her class this year, but on the first day she bumped into her very best and first friend from her class last year, Avery.  They are next door to each other and don't have recess together.  Heidi misses her a lot, but she said they get to pass each other in the hall.  The first week of school there was a mix up in the lunchroom and Heidi had to sit alone because of her peanut allergy.  Avery wanted to sit with her so she didn't have to sit alone.  Such a sweet girl from a sweet family and we are so grateful they found each other.  Hopefully next year they can be together.
 Heidi got the best teacher this year.  I mean, the BEST. We are so thrilled.  Look at that little school house she built over her classroom door above!!  She goes above and beyond and I have no doubt Heidi is going to absolutely soar this year!  We love Ms. Mandie and really feel like we hit the jackpot!

Ms. Mandie has an app and a facebook page where she shares pictures from the day.  This one she shared was so cute from the first day!  I am so proud of Heidi and I just love her excitement for learning and school.  
The girls were watching a movie and I caught them all cuddled up together.  It tugged at my heart strings.  I love that have each other and I hope they will see that having each other is such a gift.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

first grade

 The new year has already begun!  Heidi was so excited.  She came down dressed and ready at 6:05 exclaiming, "It's FINALLY August 1!"  The rest of us were pretty sad about saying goodbye because we just like having her around.

She has a really great teacher this year and she is going to learn a lot.  She is disappointed none of her friends from last year are in her class, but with time I am sure she will make new friends.  She makes friends very easily so hopefully she
connects with someone soon!

I can't believe we are doing first grade already!  It seems like she was born yesterday and it makes me sad she is growing so fast.  She is such a good, responsible, and incredibly smart little girl and we could not be more proud of the amazing person she is!

Monday, July 31, 2017

13 years and counting

This year has been hard.  We have had so little time to spend together, but I am hopeful once Jeff's MBA is done in October, we will have more quality time together.  I am so grateful for every day I have with this amazing man by my side.  Jeff is loyal, kind, hardworking, and patient.  He calms my anxieties and works so hard to make life for his girls easier.  I am so glad he chose me to go through life with.  It seems like yesterday we tied the knot...every year goes faster than the year before.  I love you so much, Jeff!  Happy lucky numba 13!

holiday world

 We said goodbye to Lisa's family on Sunday.  It was hard and the girls were really upset about it. The only thing that made them feel better was that they were going to go to Holiday World on the way home!

 We got to our hotel Sunday night and hit the park as soon as it opened on Monday.  It was a hot day and perfect for Holiday World!  We spent the majority of the day at the water park and then headed to he dry rides late afternoon.  We stayed until the park closed and 9 and the girls fell asleep the second the car started heading home.  We love Holiday World and we love seeing the girls joy and excitement when we are there.

 We have really had the most amazing summer together.  Savanna and Caimbree have loved having Heidi home and so have I. I missed her so much during the school year.  We were able to do and see a lot this summer.  I cherish this time I have with my girls at these ages.  Time is going way too fast and I get teary eyed thinking of how fast they are growing up.  There are always tough moments and tough days, but I am so grateful I have the privilege of raising these gorgeous girls.