Friday, December 19, 2014

six months

 Happy half birthday to our little Caimbree girl!  I can't believe we have already had her half of a year!  She is growing and changing every day.  I set her appointment up for January, but I think she has grown quite a bit and carries the majority of her weight in her cheeks!  We love those cheeks!

*By far my baldest and lightest haired baby.
*I am pretty sure her eyes will stay light colored.  I would be shocked if they went dark but I am not sure if they will end up blue or green.
*Rolls from her back to her tummy the second you lay her down.  Then she gets mad that she's on her tummy after a minute or two.  She has rolled from her tummy to back, but it doesn't happen very often.
*Sucks her thumb or fingers from time to time, but still enjoys her binky.  Of course the only binky she will take is the hospital soothie one.  I have tried just about every other type but she refuses to take them.
*Usually takes a very shot cat nap in the morning and a longer afternoon nap and sometimes another cat nap in the evening.
*She is driving me nuts at night!  Sometimes she will sleep almost the whole night through (only waking around 4 or 5) and other nights (like last night) she is up all night long!  It's nights like last night where I feel like I am going to lose my mind!  I wish I knew what to do but I do think a lot of it is that she is learning to move her body around and gets uncomfortable or just wakes herself up with the movement.  Of course when she has horrible nights, she is a monster all day and refuses to take anything more than a cat nap.  I am praying for a better night tonight.
*By far my loudest baby.  And I mean loud.  That is a big reason I have not yet moved her upstairs.  She is seriously so loud.  I know she will wake the other two up before I can get to her and then I will have 3 up in the night, and I am just not mentally in a state to deal with that right now!  People will come over and when I answer the door they say, "Oh my gosh! Your baby is loud!  I could hear her out on your porch."  Yeah, I know.  Squeals, coos, screams....they all have one volume--LOUD.
*Starting to sit on her own for short periods of time.  I cannot wait for her to master this skill!
*Still prefers to be held most of the day.
*I have a feeling she is going to be a mama's girl since she will be just fine with Jeff or on her own until she sees me or hears my voice and then she falls apart.  For now she doesn't really have any separation anxiety.
*Has made it six months with nothing but breast milk!  I am thrilled about this but we will start some solids after Christmas and I am dying to get her to take a bottle.  She will put a bottle in her mouth and take a sip or two and then refuse to take it.  I need to work with her on it more.  *Absolutely loves to be out and about.
*Does okay in the car for the most part.
*Still absolutely hates having bows on her head.
*Really loves Heidi but is a little nervous when Savanna comes around.  Savanna loves her so much and it is so cute, she just hasn't yet mastered a gentle hug.
*I still think she looks quite a bit like I did as a baby.  She favors Heidi's looks more than Savanna's, but she definitely has her own look.
*Smiles and laughs all the time until you try to take a picture.
*Has her tongue out of her mouth most of the day.
*Starting to grab everything around her.  The girls are learning to pick up their legos and other small things.

 *Likes to play with her feet.
*Likes rattles but always ends up smacking herself in the head and then screaming.
*Loves to get ready for baths because she loves to be nakie.
*Enjoys her bath most of the time unless she is overtired.
*Wears mostly 3-6 month and 6 month clothes.

Overall, Caimbree is a fun little baby!  If she slept better, she would be the perfect baby!  After Christmas we will be starting solid foods and hopefully moving her into her own space, which I am crossing my fingers will help us get her into a schedule!  It has been so hard to figure out a schedule for her but so much of it is because she is the third and she often gets woken up from naps and has to be hauled around places when she would normally be sleeping.  I simply just don't have enough hands or time to focus on just her and her schedule.   Her older sisters just don't seem to enjoy keeping quiet during sleep time and since I refuse to let them watch TV all day, Caimbree will just have to learn to sleep in spite of the noise!  She is growing way too fast, but we are excited for some of the upcoming milestones.

Happy Half Birthday, little sweetie!  We love you more and more every day!

Monday, December 15, 2014

gingerbread village

 Tonight for our family night activity we made our gingerbread village.  The girls had so much fun.  Savanna was bouncing all around while Jeff was constructing it, but she seemed to know exactly how to decorate them when the time came.  I was very impressed that they were both so independent in decorating them this year!  They were a good little team and I think they turned out pretty cute.  Caimbree even enjoyed watching the excitement.  As a side note, both of the girls did in fact have very cute hair styles today.  Naps and wild play seem to destroy all of my efforts daily.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

polar express

 This year we decided to take the girls on the Heber Creeper to do the Polar Express ride.  They had so much fun!  Heidi and Savanna don't get along all of the time, but they really are inseparable.  They had so much fun together on our little adventure.
 We bought the tickets quite awhile ago and they have been anticipating this day since we told them about it.  We got up early and headed to Heber.
 I think we lucked out on the train car.  Ours was probably the least crowded and I think we got the cutest elves.
 It was a good year for our family to go because Savanna and Caimbree were young enough that we didn't have to buy tickets for them.  It was a little chilly waiting to board the train, but it certainly could have been worse.
 Sometimes I wonder just how outnumbered Jeff must feel sometimes.
 Caimbree loves to be out and about and was the perfect little passenger.  Can you even stand those cheeks?  I can't get enough.  She is such a little doll.
 Caimbree managed to get a little sleep in spite of the noise of the singing and noises on the train.
 Heidi was so much fun!  She was absolutely enamored with the cute little elves we had on our train and they were so cute with her!  Every time they passed our row Heidi would say, "There's the elf!  There's the elf!  I can't believe there are real alive elves on our train!"  They heard her a few times and paid extra attention to her which pretty much made her whole life complete.
 When they weren't watching the elves, the girls were enjoying the ride and watching out the window.  It was a pretty ride, but we did wish there was a little snow.  The train took us to the North Pole.  When we got to the North Pole Santa was waving.  We were on the opposite side of the train and Starry the Elf came over and picked Heidi up to take her to the other side so she could have a front row seat.  Did I mention that they just made her entire trip?  They were seriously so cute.
 The elves took Heidi in the aisle to dance with them and she was in heaven.  Savanna was dancing in the aisle too but she was a little shy to dance with the elves.
 Savanna started with a clean shirt.  They served cookies and hot chocolate. Someone wanted to do it by herself.  That shirt may become a camping shirt, but she did enjoy her treat.
 I think the dancing and singing may have been Heidi and Savanna's favorite part of the journey.
 Santa came onto the train and let's just say my girls adore Santa...from across the room. He was so cute with my girls and didn't give up trying to win them over. Seriously, my girls were treated so well by everyone on that train.  We even sat next to a darling family that we enjoyed visiting with.
 Heidi was desperately trying to get away from Santa.  It was pretty funny. Santa gave all three of the girls their own little bell.  When we got off the train Heidi made sure to find the elves and gave them a giant hug.
As soon as the swagger wagon started moving, Savanna and Caimbree were out cold.  Heidi was far too excited to shut her eyes. She kept asking for the elves and wishing they could live with her and couldn't understand why we could not just get back on that train and go again. When we mention the train, Savanna starts saying, "FUN!  FUN!  SANTA!!  HO HO HO!!  BELL!  FUN!!  FUN!!"  We may have to do this again next year because my girls seriously had the most wonderful adventure.  I'm so glad we decided to go!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

"look! hold me!"

 If you are around Savanna lately, you will most likely here her say, "LOOK!" a lot.  Most of the time it is when she is doing something she thinks is funny.  For example, when we were coming home from dropping Heidi off at preschool she kept saying, "LOOK!  LOOK!".  I turned around to see her balancing a cracker box on her foot.  Today she kept saying, "LOOK!" and came walking into the living room with sunglasses on her belly.  Other times she is doing something funny with her little body like hanging upside down from the couch.  She never ceases to make me laugh.
Her other new thing is to say, "Hold me".  She doesn't actually want to be held, she wants to hold something and that something is usually Caimbree.  She puts her little arms out and says, "Hold me!  Hold me!"  It's one of the few two word phrases she says and I absolutely love it.  Caimbree doesn't usually like to be held by her squirmy two year old sister, but will tolerate it for short periods of time. Usually Savanna only lasts a few seconds before exclaiming, "DONE!"  She is the master of one word stories. I am amazed at how she gets her point across in so few words.  I am excited for her to start telling longer stories, but I enjoy hearing the little words and phrases she is saying right now.  Not a day goes by where I don't stop and look at these three little faces and realize how incredibly blessed I am.  I love my girls!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

christmas cookeis

 Yesterday the girls helped me make Christmas cookies for our ward party.  Of course they love this and I love watching their excitement cutting them out and especially decorating them with sprinkles!
Heidi meticulously decorated each and every cookie.  Savanna was so cute and loved the experience this year, but she had to be watched closely because her finger just couldn't stop itself from digging into the frosting from time to time.  Caimbree was just happy to not be left out.  We had a fun afternoon baking together!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

dance recital

 Last night was Heidi's dance recital.  She was SO excited.  I cannot believe I got a nap out of her because she could not wait.
 Their dance costumes came in just in time!  I picked it up while she was taking a nap and she tried it on as soon as she woke up.  Adorable dress for an adorable girl.
 Grandma came up to watch.  My girls adore their grandma and Heidi was so excited to have her there to watch her show.
 Savanna was good at the show and she loved having grandma there and grandma's purse to keep her busy.
 Caimbree did really well at her first dance recital.  She slept for a good chunk of it and sucked on her pacifier until we were ready to go.
 What I loved the most about the recital was that you could just see Heidi's excitement from the second she got the stage.  She did such a good job.
I am so proud of Heidi!  She has worked really hard in all of her practices and as I have mentioned before, she absolutely loves dance.  She loves to learn new steps, she loves her teacher, and she loves dancing on stage!  We are so proud of you, Heidi!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

getting ready for christmas

 We set up most of our Christmas decorations last week but we went and cut down our tree this morning.  We have an artificial one in our front room, but we like a real one in the main living room since that's where we are on Christmas morning.  The girls were so excited to go and sang Christmas carols most of the way.  We weren't sure there would be snow, but there was quite a bit where we found our tree.
 I like it much better than our tree last year.  It's taller, but it doesn't seem as wide (which I am happy about) and the type of tree is just greener and the branches are closer together.  It looks really pretty and the girls were fascinated in the whole process of getting it set up.
 Once Jeff strung the lights, the girls got right to work putting the ornaments on.  They were pretty excited about the ornaments for this tree, because they are more of the "fun" ones, rather than just balls.
Heidi loved putting them on as high as she could.
 Savanna took just as many off as she put on, but boy was she fun to watch!  She found a fro ornament that really gave her the giggles.
Caimbree had fun watching all of the excitement.  I am so excited for her first Christmas!
 Could this face be any cuter?  Seriously.  Best, most hilarious personality.  
We are so excited for Christmas around our house!!  We have lots of fun things planned.  Holidays are so much fun with little girls this size!