Saturday, May 21, 2016

paint and flooring

 Exciting things have been happening at the house lately.  The paint has been done for about a week or so and we are in love with the colors we chose.  Phew!  Today they put some of the hardwood floors in and they are absolutely gorgeous.  Last time we went with engineered hardwood and we don't know if it was the subfloors or the installation, or the floors themselves, but it was one area we were very disappointed in last time.  We could not be more thrilled this time.

 When the girls walked in, they on cue threw their shoes off and started running laps around the kitchen squealing with delight!  It was so cute!  It was like all of the sudden it clicked that we are getting very close and it felt like "home".

Savanna's pink room might be my favorite.  It is extremely bright.  We tease her that it might glow in the dark. She picked the color herself and it fits her personality so much.  She walks in and a huge grin instantly hits her face every single time.

 The bonus room, the guest room, and the master bedroom are a blue/gray.  So pretty.  Caimbree is convinced the bonus room is her room.  It is hilarious.  When we pass it she says, "Caim-ee's room".  She just wants to be by her sisters.  As soon as she is in a big girl bed we will put her with Savanna.
Heidi picked a dark gray for her room and it is beautiful.  Her room is the only color we changed.  At first it was a lighter gray and it almost looked blue.  She was disappointed and I told her it was just primer at first and we could change it.  So we found the darker gray and it looks much better.  I'm glad we changed it.

Cabinets come Monday and we can't wait to see them!  All of the excited stuff is coming next.  I'm glad the girls are as excited as we are about their new home.

Friday, May 20, 2016

friday bowling fun

 These pictures are pretty lousy since the lighting was so bad and my phone doesn't take the best pictures, but we had a fun Friday!  We went bowling with my friend Liz this morning and her kids, Dakota and Grayson.  We signed up for the free summer bowling again this year so I am sure we will be going a lot!  The bowling alley has a big indoor playground with bounce houses and tunnels and slides so we played there for awhile too.  It was pouring rain today so it really was the perfect day to be at the bowling alley!

picking strawberries

 The girls all have their own little tastes and don't agree on many things they like to eat, but they all three LOVE strawberries.  I buy strawberries year round and they eat them almost every single day.  There are a few farms around us that have strawberry patches you can go and pick.  I knew we had to try them out.  Thursday was a beautiful day so I called a few friends and headed to the strawberry patch!  My friend Karen has become really close to our girls and the girls all adore her.  She has watched the girls for me a few times and I am so grateful for her friendship!  My friend Liz also came with her little boy, Grayson.

 The girls looked so cute carrying their little buckets looking for the best looking berries.  They let you eat strawberries while you are picking and Caimbree had one or two!

We had such a fun morning, the weather was perfect, and the berries were so delicious!!  The girls successfully devoured the gallon we bought in two days!  Next year we are going to get a bunch more and make some jam.  We love all of the fun things around our area!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

preschool graduate

 It's official!  We now have a preschool graduate!  I would be lying if I said I didn't shed a tear or two taking Heidi into her classroom for the very last time...especially since her teacher is leaving.  Oh how we wish she would stay long enough for Savanna and Caimbree to benefit from her gift!
 The program was so, so cute and she came home with all sorts of darling things including a little photo album of all kinds of pictures from the beginning of the year to the end.  Jeff and I have been absolutely amazed at the work that has been put into this school year and we are so grateful our daughter was able to be a part of it.

Heidi made so many great friends, and I had so much fun getting to know the other moms.  This picture is with her friend, Caden.  They will be going to the same school next year, along with two of her other friends.

These are her amazing teachers, Miss Hannah and Mrs. Jody.  I have no words to describe my appreciation for their dedication, organization, and the way they made my baby feel so special and loved.  It has been such a wonderful year and it flew by far faster than we were prepared for!  Kindergarten here we come!

Congratulations, Heidi Bug!

Monday, May 16, 2016

last day of pre-k

 Today was Heidi's very last day of pre-k.  It was very, very sad for her and very, very sad for me.  It has been an incredible year with incredible teachers and she has made so many fun friends!  Had we not moved, she would be ending her kindergarten year and as I have said many, many times, this year was the biggest gift I could have ever been given.  I was blessed with a whole extra year of Heidi's life!
 Two days each week for half a day was perfect for her, for me, and her sisters who missed her terribly every day she left.  Her favorite part of school was all of the fun crafts, and they did tons of darling crafts this year.  I will miss seeing all of the fun stuff in her backpack.
Today Heidi said her day was amazing and filled with games, games, games, and popsicles!

Hooray for a terrific end to a terrific year!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

fall creek falls

 Saturday morning we headed to Fall Creek Falls.  It was so much fun!  It was not the easiest hike, but the girls were amazing.  I could not believe how well little Savanna did!!  At the beginning of the hike you go over a bridge that takes you over the falls.  The girls called it "the wobbly bridge".  It was so cool walking over the falls.  The weather was so perfect and definitely not too hot.  Like all hikes we have been on since moving here, it was absolutely beautiful!

 There were some cool overlooks and the girls were good about being careful.  The trail was not easy!  It was pretty steep and there were some really rocky sections.  I was seriously amazed at how well the girls hiked and there was very minimal complaining!

 Caimbree was probably the most difficult.  She didn't sleep well at the hotel and was on day 2 of not really having a nap.  She wanted me to carry her and she finally passed out.  She slept for about 45 minutes, but at least it was something and she was happy to be awake when we reached the base of the fall.

One of things I loved about this hike was that there was a lot of different types of scenery to see.  Most of it was forested, but when you came to the base of the falls it was really rocky and you went under a bunch of rock and climbed this big rock piles.  That was probably the most difficult part, especially because I was packing Caimbree at that point since she was screaming if I wasn't the one carrying her haha.  The older girls did amazingly well, because it really was tricky footing!

The girls were happy to reach the base and wanted to pose.  I was so cute.  Savanna was so hilarious because she kept telling us that if Caimbree's water bottle was empty she had an idea that we could take it and fill it up at the waterfall.  She is so hilarious when she tells stories and her mind is always thinking of some plan she wants to tell us about.  She always tells these stories in the most animated way with the biggest grin.  It is the cutest thing ever.

The hike itself was just under four miles, which isn't a super
long distance, but because of the tricky trails, it took us
longer than it probably normally would have.  The girls were very happy when we made it back to the playground area.  They were so tired, they didn't play too long and the two littlest fell asleep shortly after we hit the road.  It was such a fun weekend.  We absolutely love hiking together.  It is such a great way to spent time together and there are so many neat places to see around here.  Such a fun weekend!  We will definitely take the girls again!

burgess falls

 When we got to Cookeville on Friday, we headed to Burgess Falls first.  The girls weren't in the best moods because all they really wanted to do was check into the hotel.  We kept reminding them we couldn't even check in yet so we might as well just enjoy ourselves.  The hike was really fun, not super strenuous, and really beautiful.  Some of the bridges had recently been washed out so they were closes, which was really disappointing.  We were still able to see a lot, but we weren't able to get down to the base of the falls. We will definitely need to go back.

 The weather could not have been better this weekend for hiking!  It was a little cooler than it had been last weekend, but it was sunny and clear.

 There was a super fun playground by the parking lot and the girls played there for a really long time.  They could have stayed there all day.  Caimbree especially has been obsessed with playgrounds lately and she screams bloody murder when we pull her away.  After we left the super fun playground we headed to the hotel to get settled.  Then we went on the other hike close to the hotel, had dinner, and went to bed so we could hit Fall Creek Falls Saturday morning!  It was a great Friday!