Saturday, March 11, 2017

caimbree our outside girl

Caimbree is one delightful little girly girl who loves to do all things outside that her daddy loves!  She especially loves four wheeling.  We had to go get the girls helmets for our upcoming trip.  All three of them wanted pink helmets and when Caimbree saw this pink four wheeler, she would not get off.  She said she wants it for her birthday.  I mean, we love you Caimbree, but you're probably not getting a $4000 four wheeler haha.  When Jeff takes her out on the four wheeler, she doesn't want to come in.  I'm glad Jeff has a little four wheeling buddy.

sometimes it snows in march

The weather this year has been nuts.  We had a long and very hot summer.  Fall was nice, but because of the longer summer, it was shorter than the year before.  Winter was so mild. We were outside most of November-February.  Now it's March. And it snowed.  Don't worry, we will be back to 70 by Friday.

We were all pretty excited with the snow when we woke up.  I mean, I may not be a snow person, but seeing the girls and their excitement (and knowing it won't last longer than a day or two), put us all in a happy mood.  Caimbree was so adorable when she woke up and realized it snowed.  Her eyes got a huge twinkle and she said, "I CAN SLED!"  We had fun sledding and Heidi built a small snowman.  Most of the snow was gone by evening.  Heidi lasted longer than Savanna and Caimbree...their hands got cold.

After they were done in the snow they came in for hot chocolate and their favorite movie, Frozen.
 Heidi had another birthday party in the
 afternoon.  It was a great day.

 I am hoping this last half of March shapes up better than the first half.  Usually January is a rough month, but March has not been such a swell start.  Heidi's leg problem started at the very beginning of the month (she seems mostly normal now, but I don't want to jinx it), then the two littles got sick.  They have been battling fevers, coughs, and Caimbree even has a rash.  She tested negative for strep but the doctor said it's classic strep rash so they are both being treated for strep (Savanna is on day 7 for fever, which is why she is being treated with antibiotic).  I threw my back
out again the first week of March.  Thank heavens it only lasted 3 days this time.  I have been battling the worst migraines as well, and I had a doozy that lasted over 48 hours and was bad enough Jeff had to stay home because I was incapable of taking care of the two youngest and since they were sick, it was our only option.  Thankfully that has passed and I am praying I don't have another one for a really long time.  We are hopefully on the tail end of sicknesses in time for spring break next week!  We cannot wait!  We have a four wheeling trip planned and will hopefully have warm enough temperatures to go hiking a few times around here.  Hopefully spring will last awhile before summer hits.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

meeting elsa

 Not only did Heidi get her ears pierced on Saturday, but she also got to meet Elsa!!  Her best friend, Avery, has a sister who was having a birthday.  Her mom invited our family because she knew our girls would love the special guest who was coming.  I thought it was so sweet she thought of us and the girls were in absolute heaven!!  We have got to get these girls to Disney World!  They were so, so happy!  They got to sing and dance with Elsa.  They got to listen to her read them a story and she even painted snowflakes on their hands.  When we left the party Heidi said, "This has been the best day of my whole life!"  I was glad Savanna was able to break out of her shell and get the courage to join the fun because once she went over with the girls, she had so much fun!  It really was a great day!

pierced ears

 Heidi has been wanting to get her ears pierced since after Christmas break.  We decided that she is super responsible and could probably take care of them fine, but if she really wanted them done, she would need to earn it.  So she worked for two months earning small amounts of money for chores and behavior.  She was so determined and so excited when she earned enough.  She was so excited when we went to Claires!  She picked out some really cute flower earrings and she didn't shed a tear!  She has been keeping them clean and looking in the mirror and talking about how many days she has left until she gets to change them.  It s the cutest thing ever.  I'm excited for her to feel so grown up and to feel so thrilled about something she worked so hard for.

Heidi has been weighing heavily on my mind this weekend.  She woke up unable to put weight on her left leg Thursday morning.  With advil and rest, she had a heavy limp by the end of the day.  Friday she was barely limping and I assumed she had maybe
 just strained a muscle.  Saturday she complained about it once or twice, but seemed to be okay.  Today she started limping noticeably and was struggling to go from sitting to standing and vice versa.  To say I am consumed with worry is an understatement.  Nothing happened that we can think of that would cause this other than wearing two different shoes for "Wacky Wednesday".  She seems fine in every other way and she does tend to worry over the slightest pain, so maybe it's not as bad as it seems, but I am very worried.  We will see how she does tomorrow and if it doesn't improve, we will have to go to her least favorite place: the doctor. That of course will be a huge ordeal and I assume we won't even get any answers.  So in the meantime I am
praying my heart out and hoping it is nothing to worry about.

This last picture is one I snapped of the girls having lunch with Heidi on Friday.  They are always so happy when we get to see her during the day.  I'm glad we were able to sneak a lunch in with our favorite kindergartener!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

i am special

I was looking through Heidi's school folder and found this picture.  She said she had extra time and made it during class.  I thought it was so sweet!  This morning walking up the hill to school her friend caught up to us and they started talking.  I heard Heidi tell her friend, "My sister Caimbree is so cute.  She gets books and pretends to read a story.  It's the cutest thing ever."  It made me so happy to hear her saying such sweet things about her sister to her friend.  Then when I saw this in her folder, it made me even happier.  Yes, Heidi, you are special because you are a big sister...the BEST big sister ever!  Savanna and Caimbree look up to you and do everything you do because they love you so, so much.  You are one incredible, special little girl!

art show

 Heidi has such a great school and the special teachers are top notch!  I cannot believe what she brings home and talks about from her art class!  I am so glad she is learning so much in lots of different areas.  They had a special art show and her work was selected to be on display at a community art exhibit!  She was so excited!  Her friend Jacklyn and her friend Kautia were also selected and she was so happy to see them after school at a special celebration and award show.  Heidi has been very into art lately and has gotten really good at drawing.  She puts her best work and heart into everything she does and we are so proud of her for always doing her best!

letter journal

The other night Jeff and Heidi were playing a funny little game.  He would hide in our room and lock the door and she would slip silly notes under the door ("Open the door now or I will bite your butt dad."   "What if  I don't come out?"  "Then I will break the door down and get you out.") I know, it sounds a little violent haha, but it was hilarious.  This little game made me realize that Heidi can read everything we write and respond.  Her reading skills are shocking me and she reads every single thing she can get her hands on.  I would say she is probably reading at the same level as the average student in the second grade classes I used to teach.  I am so proud of her and I am so excited that she loves to read.

I decided I would get her a little notebook/journal and use it as a way to connect with her each day.  I set it on her bed one day and she was so excited when she saw it and wrote me back right away.  Then she raced it down to my room and stuck it on my pillow.  I was so excited to see her response!  When she came home today the first thing she did
was race to her room to see if I had written her back.  I am not sure how long she will want to do this, but I plan on writing notes to her whether she gets tired of writing me back or not!