Wednesday, October 19, 2016

fall break: family

 The best part of our trip was spending time with family.  Both of my little brothers live in Detroit and we loved, loved, loved spending time with them.  It was so nice for both of them to host us and let us stay at their place.  The girls have the cutest cousin and they had so much fun with her.  She is the cutest, sweetest little girl with the most darling personality.  She let her cousins sleep in her room and they were so funny chatting with each other.  They also loved hearing stories from Aunt Rachel and Uncle Mark at night.  Mark won them over by being SO funny when he read to them.
 Overall, it was just a super fun trip and we are so glad we were able to go!

fall break: henry ford museum

 My dad was insistent that we stopped at the Henry Ford Museum.  The girls really enjoyed it!  We went through the museum and then we went on a bus over to where they build Ford trucks and we got to watch them put them together.  It was so cool and the girls of course loved the bus ride.

 There was so much to see and do in the museum.  We just didn't have the time to see everything we wanted to see.  The girls were amazed and loved looking at all of the cars.

 The museum didn't just have cars.  They had all kinds of historical stuff from each era in time including farm equipment, models of what homes looked like at certain eras. women's rights movement, and even the chair Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in.

 Overall, we had such a fun day together!  We were glad my dad insisted that we go because it was really neat.  The girls all loved watching the trucks being built and Heidi even said she was interested in working there someday.  Maybe she will follow in her grandpa's footsteps and work for Ford!

Monday, October 17, 2016

fall break: apple orchard

 We drove to Detroit to my brother Michael's house Wednesday night.  Thursday morning his wife, Gabby, came with us to pick apples at an apple orchard.  The girls absolutely adore Gabby so it made it extra fun.  We had the best day!  It was a lot colder than we are used to, but Michigan is beautiful.  The girls were so excited about getting the apples and were excitedly talking about their plans to make apple crisp when we got home.  They loved the apple donut and warm cider we got at the end of our adventure.  Apple picking was definitely a highlight of our trip!

fall break trip: chicago

The first stop on our trip was Chicago.  Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate and it was pouring. We were hoping to tour the city and take the girls to the pier since they have been begging to go to a beach.  Instead we drove past m childhood home and school in Naperville.  The rain let up enough that we could go to a beach in Indiana (Porter Beach).  It only let up for about 15 minutes, but at least the girls got to experience it a little bit.  I guess we will have to take a trip to a beach soon!

working on the table

Jeff has been working hard on the table and has the top about ready to stain.  He finished the bottom, so the girls and I painted it before we left on our trip.  Savanna and Caimbree wanted to help, but I knew having them help really meant more work.  I tried to keep them busy playing, but that didn't last long.  Then I told them if they were going to paint, they would need to put on painting clothes.  I was hoping this would encourage them to just play.  Instead, they helped each other strip down.  How could I say no when they came begging for a brush dressed in their undies?  No shame haha.

painting pumpkins

 Before we left for our fall break trip we did a "family home morning".  The girls thought that was pretty cool. They got to paint the small pumpkins they picked at the pumpkin patch.

They were all 3 pretty into it and had a great time.  Holiday activities are the best!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

fall is for the pumpkin patch

 One of my favorite fall activities is going to the pumpkin patch!  We have at least 3 in our county and we plan on trying them all out before fall is over!  Today we tried one called Harmony Farms.  The girls had so much fun!  They especially loved the big slide.

 They tried out all of the activities and games, we went on a hay ride, and we went through the corn maze.  It was smiles all around!

 We also let the girls pick out their small pumpkins for our upcoming annual paint your mini pumpkin family night.  They are so excited they can hardly wait two more days to get started.  I love how fun everything is at these sweet ages.  Happy fall, y'all!  Best.season.ever.