Monday, May 2, 2016

three and a half

Happy half birthday to my gorgeous little Savanna girl!!  I can't believe she is halfway to four!  Oh how we love our Savanna.  Life without this girl would be so incredibly boring.

*I have said it a million times, but this angel has the biggest, most loving, caring heart.  She is so tender and takes care of anyone she thinks needs love.
*Savanna wears her heart on her sleeve.  You know exactly how she is feeling and she will openly tell you what's on her mind.  She will tell anyone she loves them if that's what she's feeling at the moment.
*Savanna is generally super happy and doesn't let much get to her.  She is so quick to forgive and forget.  It's this trait that makes her seem so carefree.
*Savanna is game for whatever
fun activity Heidi has in mind for the day. She usually plays really well with Heidi as long as Heidi is being patient.  If Heidi is in a bad mood, Savanna makes sure to pester her as much as possible haha.
*Savanna loves to dance and sing.  We absolutely love hearing her sing songs, especially "You are my sunshine".  She knows every word and I love to hear her sing it because it reminds me so much of her...we tell her all the time that she is our little sunshine.
*If Savanna gets her feelings hurt, it's usually because she did something she shouldn't have, but
had no intention of being naughty.
If she does something naughty on purpose, she doesn't care if she gets in trouble, but if her intention was just curiosity or something else, she gets really, really sad.
*Savanna has the craziest sense of smell.  I have never seen anything like it...and she always asks to smell everything.  It's kind of funny.

*Savanna is super nervous about doing things and going places on her own.
*She mixes up a lot of phrases and she may need some speech services in the future, but we love seeing her progress and the way she says things is so cute.  For example, instead of saying never, she says, "not never"..."You'll not never know dear".
*Savanna is the fastest little runner and never ceases to amaze us with her endurance!  She seems pretty athletic and most physical things come naturally to her.
*Still left handed, but I haven't figured out if she only writes with her left like me, or if she will be completely left in every way.
*Savanna is so independent and she does not give up on solving a problem.
*Savanna will do just about anything to get a laugh and if she does get a laugh, she will keep doing whatever it is constantly until everyone is laughing hysterically...especially because she is usually laughing so hard and her laugh is SOOOOO contagious.

I hope Savanna never ever loses her spirit.
I hope the world doesn't jade her tender and loving
heart.  She is such a special
girl and we just could not love her more!  She is so
fun to be around and is the best sister to both Heidi and Caimbree.
We love you, sweet girl!!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

ward talent night

 Last night we had a ward party and talent show.  The girls were so excited to show their talents. They both wanted to sing a song and dance.  When it came time, Savanna decided her tap shoes were giving her a blister and she would dance barefoot.  Then she got the giggles...big time.  Probably a case of the jitters.  Neither one of the girls could stop laughing while they danced and it was so hilarious.  Everyone was laughing at their contagious giggles.  Heidi sang, "Jesus loves me" a song she has been working on for her school graduation program.  Savanna didn't really sing anything loud enough for anyone to hear, but she really wanted to.  One day hopefully her desire to do what she wants will outweigh her anxiety to do it. Overall it was a fun night!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

puddle jumping

 Rain boots were on sale the other day at our local Aldi and we just had to get them.  We get soggy days and muddy days here enough that I felt like they would definitely be useful.  The girls love them and Savanna especially wears them every chance she gets.  We got quite a storm this evening and the girls could not wait to try the boots out.  They had the best time jumping around and watching the water fly up around them.  After they were done jumping they came in and set up beach towels to lay on while they read books together.  These are the moments that I absolutely love being a mom.
This picture doesn't have anything to do with
the post, but I thought it was so cute.  We went to the
park earlier this week and Caimbree and Savanna wanted their picture taken.  I thought this one of Caimbree holding onto Savanna and Savanna looking so sweet at Caimbree was so precious.  No one makes Caimbree laugh like Savanna does.  Savanna really and truly has the biggest heart of gold.  I have had major back issues this week and Savanna has been my biggest little supporter.  She is always praying for me, asking her dad to give me blessings, and constantly saying, "I'm sorry your back hurts mama".  She is such a good example to me of unconditional love.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

maybe it was memphis

 Maybe it was Memphis...Maybe it was southern summer nights...maybe it was you, maybe it was me, but it sure felt right.

I've had that song stuck in my head all day and have been driving Jeff a little batty by singing it to him repeatedly since we spent the day in Memphis!  I'm so funny haha.

So I am high maintenance apparently.  I don't try to be.  It's just that I really, really wanted an apron front farmhouse sink.  In the worst way.  Then Jeff tried to make me practical and talked me out of it.  But when they started doing the cabinets, I asked if it was too late to change.  Jeff looked at me very shocked.  It just kind of popped out of my mouth.  I guess deep down it was more important to me than I thought.  I really have tried to be practical.  Well, it wasn't too late, and Jeff being the kind person he is, let me switch.  The only problem was that as luck would have it, Kohler is on strike.  The sinks are nearly impossible to get now but there was ONE left in Memphis. It would cost $125 to ship it.  The builder would have arranged for someone to pick it up, but we decided we would just go get it and make a little adventure out of it.

 We had an awesome day!!  I have decided that Memphis is a bit on the seedy side and there were parts where I made sure the doors were locked about 3 times, but we got to the zoo and had a great day!  It's a really fun zoo and bigger than the Nashville Zoo.  The girls were in stellar moods and were just so cute and excited about everything.  They especially liked the Panda Bears.  We just checked a book out all about sea otters at the library and they were very excited to see a few of those as well.  Savanna was giggling with delight watching the seals swim under the water.  It really was a wonderful day.  The girls were troopers in the car and everything went smoothly.  The only downfall is that I have been having quite a bit of trouble with my back...I think we need a new mattress in the worst way.  Caimb had a really rough night for some reason and I finally just stuck her in bed with us around 3 AM.  I'm thinking that sleeping funny with her in bed and then a 3 hour car ride really did my lower back in.  I can barely move right now and I am hoping and praying it will relax by tomorrow as it is my turn for sharing time.
We had such a fun time in Memphis!  We probably won't go back anytime soon since it's not super close, but it was on our bucket list of things to do while we are here and we are glad we had an excuse to go...and I'm sure the farmhouse sink is going to be so beautiful that Jeff will be thanking me for making sure we had it...haha elbow, elbow, wink, wink, nudge, nudge.  Love you, Jeffrey!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

pre-k graduation photo

Heidi's class is doing a little graduation in a few weeks and they took some graduation pictures for spring.  I thought hers turned out so cute!  I can't believe she will be in kindergarten next year and gone every single day.  I am so incredibly grateful for the extra year I was gifted to have with her.  Heidi is so sweet and so smart.  I can't believe I get to be her mom. We love you, Heidi bug and we are so very proud of you and for the sweet spirit you bring into our home!  Great things are in your future!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

grand ole opry date night

 Jeff's company had some clients coming in from Mexico.  He was supposed to pick them up and then a group of people from his work were going to take them to the Grand Ole Opry.  Truth be told, I was a little jealous.  If you know me, you know I am a huge country music fan.  One of my favorite parts about Nashville is the country music vibe and all the things to do relating to country music.  The people coming in had delayed and cancelled flights because of the flooding in Houston.  So at the last minute they had to find two people to take the extra tickets.  Jeff asked if he could bring me.  I was so excited at the idea of going, but finding a babysitter is not really easy.  I asked my friend who has watched the girls before.  I felt bad asking again, but I was so, so grateful when she said she could do it.  The girls absolutely love her and I knew they would be in excellent hands.  We had such a great time and it was a much needed break.  Jeff's MBA has been taking up all of his time and between work, things to do around the house, and school, we have had very
 little time to even talk to each other.  We saw the Gatlin Brothers, Maggie Rose, Chris Janson, Kelsea Ballerini, and Rascal Flats.  It was a great show and a great night so spend a little time with my handsome hubby.

fire station field trip

 Heidi had a field trip to the fire station on Monday.  She has been asking when it would be for about a week.  The first day her teacher told her about it she came home and said, "We have a field trip to the fire station and I want you to come and don't worry, I already asked Mrs. Jody and she said Savanna and Caimbree can come."  I'm glad she took care of that for me haha!

 Savanna and Caimbree were very excited to go as well.  The fire department had such a great presentation planned!  They let them tour the fire house and the ladder truck and they got to try to spray one of the hoses to knock cones down.  They also took the ladder truck out and put the ladder up and let them watch one of the fire fighters climb the ladder while they moved it all around.  It was really exciting for all of them!

Heidi was very sweet with her sisters and was very glad to have them there with her.  She was mad at me when it was over because I told her it would be easier for me to just take her home since I was already there and the only thing left for them to do at school was recess. She did NOT want to come home and she let me know when we got home that I may not be invited to anymore field trips.  Hilarious.  Once she cooled down she apologized and told me she was just sad she didn't get to play with her friend Macey.  I'm glad she has so many friends
 and that she loves school so much. The last day is going to be a very sad day at our house.