Friday, February 17, 2017

funny moments

 I haven't recorded any of the funny things the girls have said lately.  I need to be better about it because they are growing and changing so fast and before long I won't be able to remember the sound of their little voices or the funny things they say.

The other day we were at the grocery store and Caimbree very loudly kept saying "Daddy can't eat chili anymore because it makes him toot".

Tonight after dinner Caimbree tooted and right away said, "I guess you can't give chili me!"  Then she burst out laughing...and so did we.

Caimbree was in the living room and we were all in our bedroom.  Caimbree started crying.  We asked her what was wrong and she said, 'I need a sister!"

Whenever Caimbree is looking for Heidi or Savanna she calls for them by saying, "Sisters!  Where are you??!!"

Savanna was helping unload the dishwasher.  She pulled out both ice cream scoops and said, "These are my weights" and started lifting them just like she sees me life them in my workouts.

When Savanna was talking to Jeff's mom on the phone, Caimbree was crying in the background.  When Peggy asked her why Caimbree was screaming she said, "because she's two."   Pretty accurate.

I had a bloody nose and Caimbree was very concerned.  She grabbed my face in her hands and said, "Are you going to die?"

When Heidi sings "Sunshine in my pocket" from Trolls, she says, 'I've got that sunshine in my pocket, got that goo-so in my feet" instead of  "good soul".

Whenever Caimbree gets in trouble, she justifies the punishment so it doesn't seem so bad.  If we tell
 she is going to time out, she says, "Well, I will just come out" and she says it in such a matter of fact way.  She never acts phased by it.  If I tell her we will throw her binkies away she says, "Well I will just get them out of the trash."

They are such funny girls and I hope I can remember them at these ages.  I already feel like I am forgetting how they were as babies and it makes me sad.  I blink and they are older!

school days

 Savanna and Caimbree have to be woken up so we can pick Heidi up from school on time.  Savanna doesn't take a nap every day and sometimes when she doesn't, she falls asleep in he van on the drive to get Heidi.  I feel bad that their naps get interrupted and some days they looks so peaceful it is hard to wake them!  They are troopers about it and are so excited to see Heidi they forget about being aroused out of their peaceful sleep!  Savanna is so cute because she almost always has her baby doll.  She takes such good care of it and tells me how her baby wakes up a little grumpy sometimes.  She is such a little nurturer.

Once we get home from school, sometimes we go to dance, but if it's not a dance day, the three girls head straight upstairs and start playing school.  My brother and his wife sent the girls these little chalkboards and Heidi uses to put the "Word of the Day".  I hear her telling the girls how to sit and how to raise their hands.  No matter where they go, even if they aren't in the thick of playing their game,
Heidi chooses a line leader.  It amazes me how they follow whatever Heidi tells them.  Sometimes Savanna gets a little fidgety and then there is squabbling and Savanna ends up hanging with me for awhile, but for the most part, they all seem to love playing school together.  It makes my mama...and teacher.....heart happy.

pajama week

 The dance studio has a pajama week the week of Valentine's Day.  It is so fun for the girls!  They get to have a little party and exchange valentines after their dance lesson.  Both Heidi and Savanna were so excited for this day and when they got home they were so cute and sat in a circle in the living room showing each other the cards they got.  Dance is definitely one of the highlights of the girl's weeks.  They absolutely love dancing and I cannot believe how good they are both getting!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

feeling lots of love

 Valentine's day is one of my favorite holidays.  It's just so fun to remind the people you love how much you love them!  The girls have been very excited about it for weeks!  They got a Valentine package with some new outfits from grandma H and they got cute little chalkboards in the mail from Uncle Michael and Aunt Gabby.  When it was finally Valentine's day they woke up to their very own tulips, love notes from mom and dad, and we spoiled them with the movie Trolls.  Really, we just needed an excuse to give it to them!  They were so excited!  Heidi has been dancing to the music from Trolls in her dance class for recital and she has been dying to see it.  Heidi and Savanna were so, so excited to go to school and dance for their little parties.  I love how exciting the holidays are right now at this phase.  They had fun days at school and dance and then we watched Trolls after dinner.  Heidi and Caimbree were so cute and they would jump up and dance any time music came on.  It was such a fun day!

happy birthday, jeff

We started February off by celebrating Jeff's 35th birthday!  The girls were so excited to spoil their dad and had been talking and planning for his day for weeks.  Unfortunately he had to work, but when he got home we had a special dinner of german pancakes with his favorite cheesecake for dessert.  He got a few cards in the mail and we got him a router.  Caimbree was with me when I bought him the router and the little stink is so smart she remembered me talking to the person helping me at Lowes so she kept saying, "I won't tell my dad we got him a router".  Luckily she never said it in front of him!  The girls also made Jeff a cute little video.  Some of my favorite answers:

How old is dad?
3 (Caimbree)

What did you get dad for his birthday?
A ruler (Savanna)

What does dad like to do in his free time?
Play Sorry and Battleship with me (Heidi)

What is dad's favorite animal?
A cow (Caimbree)

If dad had a day off work, what would he do?
Play Battleship and Sorry with me (Heidi)

What's dad's favorite thing to do with you?
Play chase (Savanna)

Who does dad look like?
His own self (Savanna)

Who is dad's best friend?
Savanna!  (Savanna)

What does daddy like to play with you?
Ummm...the farm?  (Caimbree)

What is daddy's favorite food?
Squash and zucchini (Caimbree)

Happy birthday, Jeff!!! We love you and we are so grateful for EVERYTHING you do for us every single day!!  You are selfless and kind and the best dad!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


I took Caimbree and Savanna to get haircuts last week.  They both were excited about the experience and sat still the whole time.  Their hair turned out so cute!  It's always fun to have a little change.  Heidi is begging to get hers cut, but I think we will wait until summer and then give her a fun short new look.

date night

Last weekend we went on a fun group date to the Listening Room.  We have been blessed to make wonderful friends in a relatively short period of time and we love going out when we can!  It's always nice to have a night away to laugh, listen to amazing live music, and eat a warm meal!