Saturday, February 6, 2016

happy birthday to our favorite guy

 We got to celebrate Jeff's 34th birthday today!  We are so incredibly lucky to have such an amazing man in our lives.  He is the most amazing husband and father in every way.  We started the day by letting him sleep while we made him German Pancakes. We surprised him with hearts all over his bedroom door listing all the things we love about him.  It was a hit.  Then we watched a video the girls had put together for him where they were singing and answering questions about their dad.  Some of my favorite answers were:

Where is dad's favorite place to go?
The granite store.

I think that answer explains what we have been doing a lot of lately haha.

How tall is dad?
8 feet 

Close.  Very close.

What cartoon character would dad be?
Goofy, because he's so funny.

What makes dad sad?
Nothing.  He's always happy.

It was a very cute video and we all had a blast watching the girls express their love for their daddy.

We took Jeff to Best Buy to check out computers and some other things last night, but he said he just wanted to look for now.

One of my sweet friends said she would watch the girls for us so we went out for a birthday dinner.  It was so nice to have a little time together because we really never go anywhere alone.  The girls had fun and we made sure to come back in time for cheesecake together.  We had cheesecake with our friends.  The girls went to bed very tired and very happy.  It was a fun day celebrating Jeff.  We love him so very much!  He is the definition of a great man.  Happy Birthday, Jeff!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

pirate day

It's no secret that Heidi loves school.  Due to the snow a few days were canceled and she was devastated.  They finally got to go back on Wednesday and it was pirate day.  She was so very, very thrilled.  They were learning about the letter X and went on a treasure hunt.  They did pirate crafts and played pirate games.  I love that the school has a facebook page where they post pictures and videos so I felt like I got to see her enjoy a few of the activities.  I am so happy with the school she attends. I love how they make every day so enjoyable and exciting and on top of that, she is learning a ton and starting to read!  Heidi was made for school and I love seeing her so happy when she gets home!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

more fun in the snow

 We could tell by the temperatures that Monday would probably be our last day with snow.  After I did my workout for the day I told the girls to hurry and get their snow gear on.  It was nice because it was a little warmer than it had been a few days before.  We made snow angels, attempted to make a snowman, and played on the swing set.  It was a fun morning!  By the afternoon most of the snow was gone and poor Heidi was on the verge of tears.  It cracks me up because none of them showed this much interest in snow when we lived in Wyoming.  Everyone says we get snow at least once each winter, so maybe there will be another that comes before spring arrives.  I am a little relieved it is gone now so progress can continue on the house, but we made the most of it while it was here.  I like snow here much better because you know you won't be dealing with it for more than a week so it makes it a little more tolerable!


The first and second day we had the snow we used our cookie sheets to go down the little hill in our front yard.  Heidi could not get enough and would have stayed out sledding for hours if it had been possible.  Savanna wasn't that interested in trying, but I don't know if a lot of that was because she wasn't feeling so great.  Friday night Heidi asked, "Do you think one day we could get a real sled so we don't have to use a cookie sheet?"  It made me laugh.

Sunday her dream of sledding on a real sled came true.  Our church was cancelled because of the roads, which is really kind of funny, but also makes sense since a lot of people live way out on iced over country roads or steep driveways where they really can't get out.  The ice here is a whole different thing especially because of all the steep hills and every time it melts, it would freeze over again at night.  Our good friends invited us over to sled with them at their place and of course we gladly went!  Heidi and Caimbree had SO MUCH FUN!  Caimbree did not want to get off the sled.  She also got to ride back up the hill so that was extra time on the sled.  Savanna went down one time with our whole family but that was all she wanted to do.  She sat in the warm truck for a good portion of the time and was perfectly fine with that arrangement.  Maybe next year she will be more interested in sledding.  We will definitely have to get the girls a sled of their own so if we ever get this much snow again we can take advantage of it!

Friday, January 22, 2016

what's with all this white stuff?

 I was really hoping I would never see more than a skiff of snow since we moved to the south.  A cold snap came through and with it came a heap of snow.  By heap, I mean between 6-8 inches on top of about 2 inches of ice.  Everything shuts down here in these kind of conditions.  Jeff unfortunately had to go to work, but thankfully made it there and back safely.  The girls wanted to go outside so very badly all day.  Due to their coughs I really didn't think it was a good idea (mostly Savanna is who I was worried about).  Well, when Jeff got home from work the first thing he told the girls to do was get in their snow gear.  I'm such a stuffy pants apparently haha.  Thankfully Savanna only stayed out about 5 minutes and Caimbree maybe 7.  Heidi could have played with her dad all day.  Jeff had Heidi get some cookie sheets and they used them as sleds.  It was a very excited evening and Heidi is already planning what she and her dad will be playing in the morning.  I just wish they were feeling better so we could really make the most of it.  I also wish the house wasn't in the back of my mind!  They are almost done framing, but the roof isn't on so all of the snow and ice is sitting on the sub floor.  The builder ordered special sub floor that isn't supposed to warp, but I am still a little nervous...this is a lot more snow than they have ever had in this area.  These crazy winter storms seem to follow us wherever we go!

oh january

I've decided January is not my favorite month.  It seems to be the month we get the worst illnesses and the weather isn't usually very great.  This January Savanna seems to be the worst victim.  When I got home she had a fever and was diagnosed with strep. The fever won't go away and her breathing is very fast and she has a really nasty cough, which is just not typical of strep.  I am almost positive she has pneumonia but because of the weather we have been having, I am going to have to wait until Monday to get her checked out.  The doctor called in a different antibiotic when she wasn't responding to the first so I will switch her to that one and see what happens.  Poor little thing.  She is such a sweet little patient and hardly complains, which makes me feel even worse.  
Caimbree has had a little runny nose and cough, but mostly in the morning and no fever.  She has been so funny lately.  For some reason she thinks Savanna's bed is amazing and that it should be hers.  I really think she just wants to sleep in the same room as her sisters in a big girl bed.  She climbs into Savanna's bed every chance she gets and tucks herself in with a big smile on her face.  It is hilarious.  I am praying she doesn't get whatever Savanna is fighting.
Heidi has a cough and runny nose, but only in the morning...I have been wondering if she may even have allergies and not a cold.  It's a mystery, but I am getting really tired of her getting out of bed at 5:30 to blow her nose and cough for 20 minutes!  Today it snowed and she made herself a little desk area by her window where she was playing bank.  It was very cute and the perfect way to spend a day cooped up in the house!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

playing superhero

 The girls asked my mom to make them superhero capes for Christmas.  I brought them home from the wedding and there have been 3 little superheros running around for the past few days!  They are having fun watching their capes fly when they run and they have been showing off a series of a "cool tricks".  Its pretty cute and it cracks me up that my little girly girls wanted capes!