Monday, June 27, 2016

a few more random pictures

 It seems like I have a lot of photos that don't really fit anywhere today!  We will be doing our official move this week on Wednesday and Thursday.  We moved the garage and shed stuff into the new garage and are not moving onto the house.  Moving is stressful no matter how you do it or how well it is executed!  The part I am the most stressed about it getting the last odds and ends out of the rental house and then having enough time to get the rental cleaned really well.  Isn't cleaning the old place the worst part??  I mean, all you really want is to be unpacking and feeling settled and buying groceries so you can sort of function at the new place!  But, it's just part of it.  We have moved so many times in the last few years I should be used to it!  The girls are not stressed at all, haha. They think this whole moving thing is an absolute blast and love being a part of everything.  I'm glad they are excited.

I am excited too, but nervous.  Moving into the home we built is different this time.  Jeff said he feels the same.  I think because of how everything happened the last time we built when we thought it was forever, we are just a little hesitant to let ourselves become attached to our new house.  I don't know if that even makes sense, but I can't think of a better way to explain it.  Don't get me wrong, we are soooooo happy about our new house, but it's hard to let ourselves be totally happy and secure.

 The girls have just been so cute lately.  Caimbree is so adored by both of her older sisters.  She is just so easy to love!  We were at Lowes and she kept giving Savanna and Heidi hugs.  So precious.  I am just so glad they all have each other.  I always tell them the best gift we ever gave them was each other...I usually tell them that when they forget what a gift they are to each other haha.

Caimbree got a new dress for he birthday from Grandma H.  She was beyond thrilled to wear it and she looked so adorable.  She wanted us to call her princess and Savanna was so funny because she kept saying, "I'm the guy chasing the princess!"  She would run after Caimbree and Caimbree was laughing so hard. They have the most hilarious little friendship.

farm life

Another benefit to Heidi's pre-k was that I got to meet and become friends with quite a few other moms!  Her friend Caden from school got baby goats and his mom texted me to see if we wanted to come and see them.  We had the best day and I loved having a chance to visit with my friend!  They have a lot of land and a lot of animals and it was super fun for the girls, especially Heidi who has finally let go of her fear of animals!  She had so much fun with the goats.  Savanna even warmed up a little and fed the goats a few little treats.  I was so proud of both of them...if you know my kids, you know animals are a little intimidating to them.  This was huge for Savanna.

 Although they loved the goats, the really, really loved the chickens!!!  Heidi could not get enough.  She liked to lightly let them go and watch them fly.  My friend even let us take home some farm fresh eggs.  We cooked them up for breakfast the next morning and they were so yummy.  We were so grateful for the invite and had such a fun time.  It was cute to see Heidi playing with Caden too.  She made such great friends at pre-k.  Caden is going to her elementary next year so I am crossing my fingers they end up in the same class!

a couple random lost photos

 We got new phones and service a week ago and when I was putting photos on the computer, I realized a couple cute pictures were lost.  Savanna wanted to try the new camera out on my phone so we snapped this shot at dinner.  I love that she still has a little wrinkle in her nose when she smiles sometimes.  The picture of Caimbree is one my friend took in nursery.  I am so lucky my good friends are the nursery leaders.  They were so sweet to have cupcakes there for her birthday!  Caimbree is the only one of my girls to willingly go to nursery and according to her leaders, she is an angel and loves to help pick up and follow directions.  Hooray for a good nursery experience!  The first time it has not been an overwhelming, stressful transition!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

a day for all the great dads in our lives

We also put together a little picture frame for the grandpas.  When I think about how many great male role models my girls have in a world where they aren't always so easy to find, I feel really blessed.  I have great brothers and brothers-in-law, uncles, cousins, nephews, grandpas, great grandpas, and of course our own dads.  The girls absolutely adore my dad.  They especially love to talk to him on FaceTime.  They think he is really funny and like to show him all sorts of funny tricks. He gets so excited to talk to them and I think they can sense his excitement and it makes them feel really happy.  They miss being closer to grandpa H. and miss having him at all of their special events.  The girls have been able to see two of my brothers a lot more since we moved out here and they think they are pretty cool.  They can't wait for Uncle Michael to live a little closer too.  To all of the men who are positive role models and making a difference in the lives of our family, thank you.  I know one day the girls will realize just how incredibly blessed they are to have the influence of so many wonderful men cheering them on and building them up!  Happy Father's Day!

a day for dad

 We tried really hard to make Jeff's Father's Day super special, even though we were celebrating a birthday too!  Jeff is the greatest and we wanted him to know how much we love him!  We let him sleep in and spoiled him with German Pancakes.  We had put a picture frame together for him to take to work with the girls holding a board saying the thing they loved the most about him.  We also gave him some new tools for the bbq along with a poem letting him know we want him to pick out a new grill when we get moved into our new place.  He has wanted a new grill for the longest time, but we just keep moving so the timing is never right.

I know he probably doesn't always feel how much we love and appreciate him, or even notice everything he does for our family, but we most definitely do!

*We notice that you get up to go to work an hour earlier than you need to be there just so you can get home an hour earlier to spend time with the girls.
*We notice that you are up later than everyone in the house working on your MBA...just to make our lives better.
*We notice how you include the girls in whatever project you are doing around the house, even though it takes twice as long.
*We notice that you are handy and can fix just about anything and that takes so much stress off of everyone else.
*We notice how excited you get to see the girls everyday and we notice that you don't take anytime for yourself when you get home.
*We notice how you never complain when you don't feel well or have a hard day.
*We notice that you want to make every moment you have home busy and fun.  You get us out of the house and out of the routine.
*We notice that you are involved in every single aspect of the girls' lives from dance to reading to school to sports to playing whatever princess game they want to talk to you about.
*We notice that your needs are often unmet because you are too busy making sure that ours are being met.

We love you so much and we know that you are the best dad and husband we could ever ask for!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

caimbree at two

 I've said it before and I will say it again: Caimbree is a complete joy.  We love this little two year old so much and we are enjoying watching her learn and grow!

*Caimbree is almost always happy.  She has always been that way.  She is easy going and is happy to go along with whatever we are doing.
*She is super observant and in social settings, she is very quiet but is taking everything in and watching everyone's every move.
*Caimbree makes the most hilarious faces, especially when she is surprised, excited, or trying to tell us a story.
*She watches every single thing her sisters do and copies them...good and bad.  She repeats the things they say and tries to play games exactly how she sees them playing.
*She calls Savanna "Wanna" and says Heidi's name perfectly.
*Absolutely LOVES books.  She loves to be read to and she loves to read on her own.  We love listening to her read.  She could read for hours.
*Caimbree learns things very quickly.  She has an excellent memory and I wish I had more time to work with her one on one with letters because I know she would learn them really fast.
*The older girls often fight over who gets to play with Caimbree.  She is adored by all of us.  The girls get so excited when I get her out of bed in the morning and smother her with hugs and kisses and "Well good morning baby girl!!  I'm so happy to see you!"
*Caimbree plays so cute with Heidi and Savanna.  With Heidi she is happy to follow whatever Heidi wants to play and with Savanna they are often giggling or chasing each other around.
*She is by far the biggest daddy's girl we have ever had and Jeff absolutely loves it. She gets sooooo excited when he gets home from work and she is always looking for him and talking about him.  She calls herself "daddy's buddy" from time to time.
*Caimbree would live on the four wheeler if we let her.
*She would also live outside if we let her.  She loves to be on the trampoline and the swingset and throws such a fit when it is time to come in.
*She tolerates swimming much more than her older sisters.
 *She is very obedient and quick to comply.  If she thinks she is in trouble, she gets very upset.
*She likes to sing and learns words to songs very quickly.  She especially likes to sing songs with actions.  She loves the Wiseman and the Foolish Man, The Wheels on the Bus, Popcorn Popping, Once there was a Snowman, and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.  I often hear her singing the ABCs as well.
*Before nap and bed, she always says, "Rock me, mama?"  How could you ever say no to that request?  It is my absolute favorite time with her and I hope she wants me to rock her for a long, long time.

 *Caimbree is the pickiest, pickiest eater and it drives me bonkers.  She loves sweets and fruit, but everything else is hit or miss.  I can get her to eat toast and yogurt and anything unhealthy would probably be a hit.  I am hoping she will get better about it as she gets older.  She refuses vegetables. I put them on her plate every single hoping she will give them a try, but so far, not a chance.  I have tried hiding them but no matter how small I cut them, she spits them out and then refuses to eat anything.
*She is at the parrot stage and repeats everything everyone says and we love hearing her little voice.
*Caimbree absolutely loves to make people laugh.  If she gets a laugh, she plays it up.
*Since the girls are into knock knock jokes, she is too and it is so cute to hear her little voice say, "Who's there?"  and then fake laugh when she thinks the joke is over.
*Calls herself "Caim-ee".  We call her Caim-ee, Rae Rae, and Caimb.
*She is at the independent stage and wants to do everything herself and gets frustrated when she can't.
*It's almost impossible to get a good picture of her lately.
*Her hair is kind of wavy at the bottom, but I am pretty sure it will be straight.
*Most people comment on her bright blue eyes.
*Super, super shy.  She often covers her face when people she doesn't know talk to her, or hides behind my legs.
*She loves to play doctor and playing doctor or kitchen with her are my favorite games to play with her.  She is so cute checking the stuffed animals and gives them all kisses.
*She loves to play with people, but she is totally content to play on her own and is very good at entertaining herself.
*Likes to talk to people on the phone and especially facetime people.
 *Loves to snuggle and is quick to give hugs and kisses.
*Tries to be a part of whatever Heidi and Savanna are talking about and it is so cute.  If she doesn't know what they are talking about we will often hear her say, "What Wanna?  What Heidi?"
*She is a fairly good sleeper, but there are times she gets up once and needs to be snuggled for a minute.  I think she gets nightmares from time to time but it's hard to know for sure.

Caimbree is just!  We love her little personality and cannot imagine what life would be like without her in our family.  She brings all of us so much happiness.  We love you Caimbree Rae, and we are having a blast watching you grow!

celebrating caimbree

 We had a fun day celebrating the birthday girl!  She got to share her dad with daddy for Father's Day and I tried my best to make them both feel like it was their special day!  We did the traditional candles in every meal.  She was a little unsure of blowing them out, but by dinner, she had it all figured out.  Caimbree cracks me up because she makes the most hilarious expressions and is the happiest, most easy going child, but in almost every picture I have her, she just looks ticked off!  I think it has a lot to do with her being shy and not feeling entirely comfortable with having her picture taken.
 At church her nursery teachers were so sweet to make her feel special.  They made cupcakes and sang to her. She is my first child who willingly goes to nursery.

After church we had dinner, ate cake, and opened presents.  She was so excited about all of it!

 Caimbree was so cute opening her presents and she was very happy with what she got.  She especially liked the sleeping bag her grandma sent her and kept trying to wear it like a purse.  We loved celebrating our favorite two year old!

Happy Birthday, Caimbree Rae!