Sunday, April 19, 2015

10 months

 My baby girl is now 10 months old.  She can go ahead and just freeze right here for awhile.  We are so in love with our little Caimbree girl.  She is such a delight in every way and we cannot imagine a life without her and her sweet little personality.

*I am convinced she carries half of her weight in her cheeks.
*Her eyes are as bright and blue as can be.
*I have never had a more easy going baby.  Seriously.  She's amazing and with everything going on right now, I could not be more grateful.

 *Caimbree is SO interactive!!  We LOVE it!  She loves playing with her sisters and feeling like she's part of the action.
*Will sit on the floor and cover her eyes to play peek a boo.
*Loves attention.
*If she thinks she does something funny, she will start laughing and try to show you how funny she is.
*Holds phones up to her ear.
*Rarely has a bad day.
*Has her 2 bottom teeth, one fang completely in and the other just popped through.
*Eats just about everything now and enjoys eating whatever is on our plate.
*Whenever a grandpa is holding her, she is in heaven.
*Starting to crawl all over the place.
*Stands herself up onto just about everything.
*Big time cuddle bug.
*So observant and is always checking out new surroundings.
*Naps at 9 and 12:30 and sleeps from about 7-6 but she has been waking up at 4am a couple times a week.
*Wakes up super happy.
*Ticklish and loves to be tickled.
*Likes her bath.

Honestly, she is just a super fun baby and we love her so, so, so, so much!

Thanks for coming to our family Caimbree Rae!  We love watching you learn and grow...even though it is happening way too fast!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

standing up

 Caimbree started crawling a few weeks ago, but I wouldn't consider her an expert.  She crawls about 4 or 5 steps and then sits up or does the "Mowgli" walk.  She is definitely a little slower to pick it up than my other two.
 This week she has been non-stop trying to stand up on everything.  It seems like the other two were a lot faster to learn this too, but she is pretty proud of herself for figuring it out!
There's no stopping her now and she must be watched at all times!  Watch out world--she's mobile!

Friday, April 10, 2015

special visit

Yesterday Jeff's mission president and his wife (President and Sister Hobson) came to visit before we left.  They are the most wonderful people!!  It was so nice to visit for a little while and we were so glad our girls got to meet some of the most influential people in Jeff's life.  It was so kind of them to drive up and take the time to spend a little time with our family before we move.  When Jeff and I talk about our lives post children, we talk about how they are the exact kind of people we want to be.  My girls warmed up to them very quickly and were talking about them long after they left.  We love you President and Sister Hobson!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

going to school

 Heidi is pretty excited about the school she is going to next year and school in general so she has been playing school constantly.  This morning she enrolled Savanna into her school.  It was pretty funny.  I heard her "talking" to the school and letting them know Savanna would be potty trained soon and that she would go ahead and fill out the papers now.  I was laughing pretty hard at her conversation.
 Unfortunately Savanna did not have a backpack but have no fear because Heidi found Jeff's lunchbox from work and got her all ready.  There was a pair of safety glasses in it and Savanna wasted no time trying them on.  Watching her walk around while trying to keep them on--it was comical to say the least.  She had to walk with her head facing the ceiling or they came crashing down.
I love when these two play nicely together and I love the funny little games they come up with.  It's probably a good thing for Savanna that Heidi will only be gone twice a week for half a day because I think she would be completely lost if Heidi was gone every single day.  Love, love, love these girls of mine.

Monday, April 6, 2015

easter sunday

My grandparents live about 4 hours from us in Idaho.  I told Jeff I wanted to make sure we went and visited before we moved even further away.  Easter was the perfect opportunity.
My mom and my sister were there so we got to see them as well.  My girls were in heaven all day and Heidi keeps asking to go back to great grandma's house.  My mom got them a little card game set and she hasn't done anything else but play games all day long!
My grandma is the most amazing, selfless woman!  She has spent her life serving others and her family.  I have never heard her complain about watching grandchildren or great grandchildren or about how many extra people she feeds at what seems like every meal!  (She is also the best cook I have ever known).  She is also an incredible seamstress.  She made the blessing dress all three of my girls and have myself have worn and my wedding dress!
I have so many memories from summers spent with my grandparents.  From going on service calls and riding horses with my grandpa to running around in the backyard with all of my cousins.  I remember my grandma taking us to swimming lessons and taking us to church.  She always brought a pack of smarties in her purse for sacrament meeting.  I am sad we are going to live so much farther away.
My mom also gave the girls these hilarious lollipop binky things.  Savanna was so excited about it and the drive was peaceful as long as she had it in her mouth!  So funny.  The 4 hour drive was a challenge and I kept reminding the girls this was just a warm up for the lllloooonnngg drive we will make in a few weeks!  Ha!  The drive consisted of Heidi asking literally every 2 minutes either, "Are we there yet?" or "How much longer?"  In between her questions Savanna would scream, "OUT!!!"  at the top of her lungs.  Caimbree was the easiest traveler.  They both thought the drive was totally worth it in the end and I am so glad we were able to make the trip.

easter baskets

 Easter morning the girls woke up to find the Easter Bunny did not forget them this year!
 Caimbree's first Easter was a success!  She was so cute playing with the bubbles and all of the eggs.

 Heidi was screeching, "I LOVE EASTER" all morning.
 Savanna was mostly thrilled with the treats.  She couldn't believe her luck.
 The Easter Bunny hid some eggs around the house for the girls to find.
 They both had a blast discovering where all of the eggs were hid.
It was a fun morning!  We ate breakfast and then headed out to Idaho to visit my grandparents.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

dying eggs

 After the Easter egg hunt we came home to color our Easter eggs.  The girls had such a great time.  Heidi kept excitedly talking about how much she loved Easter.
 They both loved watching the dye fizz.
 I don't know when Heidi turned into a full blown kid, but it has definitely happened.  I love watching the girl she becoming.
 The girls did not think the vinegar smelled so great that we put the dye in.  It made us laugh to see them both holding their noses.
 Caimbree joined the fun and tried to grab the bowls full of dye at every chance she got!
 Love, love, love our Caimbree girl.  Best. Baby. Ever.
Savanna liked dying the eggs, but she didn't quite understand the whole "gentle" part of it.  She would take one of her eggs and say, "Soft" as she dropped it into the cup from a foot above the cup.  It was pretty hilarious.  I don't think she had one egg that wasn't completely cracked.
The girls loved those shrink wrap things you can put on the eggs.  Heidi kept calling it "shrimp wrap" and would say things like, "I want to put the shrimpos on my eggs."  We couldn't stop laughing.  The eggs were a little big for the shrink wrap and Jeff and the girls were laughing their heads off at the "party hat" they made.  Such a fun day with our fun little girls.  Can holidays stay this incredibly fun and magical forever??