Saturday, June 17, 2017

bellevue nature hike

 This morning was hot and I'm already over the heat wave we have been having, but we went to a nature area in Bellevue this morning and had a blast together.  We hiked and the girls played and stopped many times in different little areas.  There was a storybook trail that you stopped an read a little story at, an amphitheater where the girls put on a play for us, a bridge the girls wanted to act out the Billy Goats Gruff at, and a fun little nature play area.  I absolutely loved watching the girls enjoy the outdoors together...even if we were sweating to death!

caimbree's big girl bed

 Since Caimbree is turning 3 we decided we not only needed to ditch the binky for good, but to move her to her big girl bed.  Don't let her smile fool you, it is has NOT been going well.  Naps aren't happening, or are happening too late in the afternoon.  She asks for her crib back and says she doesn't like her big girl bed.  In hindsight, I think we did a few things wrong.  First of all, we should not have moved her and taken the binky at the same time.  Second of all, with the bed being full size, I think it intimidates her and feels like too big of a change. I think she would have done better in a twin in Savanna's room so she wasn't alone.  But, we had the full size bed and there are benefits to not sharing and the binky had to go.  But really, truth be told, I am beat.  I dread bed time and the fight it has become.  I hate how my happy, mellow, cool as a cucumber angel has become a tired, cranky, screaming, raging, tantrum thrower!  I keep thinking it is going to improve, but it has been over a week and it is not getting any easier.  She gets up in the night, she wakes too early.  The nightmare is real people.  But man, do we love her.  Jeff has been a
huge help and lays with her often to get her to settle down.  If she were my first I would probably be freaking out, but I assume at some point she will get this and we will move on.  And let's be honest, this kind of stress is absolutely nothing compared the stress and anxiety of the big problems that come as they get older.  So for now, we will take it one sleepless day at a time.  We will keep encouraging her to sleep and do our best not to just throw in the towel, set the crib back, and stick the binky back in her mouth ha ha!

Funny Side Story: When my dad came to visit I put Caimbree in Savanna's room in a pack 'n play.  I heard her little feet running around at 6 and she and Savanna were giggling.  They informed me there was a "secret door" that she could get out of.  Sure enough there is an outside zipper that connects an infant shelf thing on and they found it.  Oh man, I got such a kick out of their excitement over the "secret door."  Love these funny little girls!

swimming lessons

 The first week of summer, Heidi took swimming lessons.  Swimming is not that easy for any of the girls. All 3 are very nervous in the water.  Heidi was the only one brave enough to attempt lessons this year and I am really incredibly proud of how well she did.  She was a trooper and what I loved the most was that she was really using a lot of positive talk with herself to encourage herself to overcome her anxiety of jumping in.  She still has a long way to go, but she made huge progress and it is because of her positive attitude.  If she keeps up the positive self talk, she will be unstoppable when hard things come her way.
Way to go, Heidi!  Hopefully we will have lots of time to practice what she has learned this summer!

dress up all day long

Heidi has been implementing lots of dress up games and fashion shows lately.  Savanna and Caimbree are just so thrilled to have the master of their fun home all day!  I love the ideas that come into Heidi's mind and how much fun she makes life for her sisters.  No wonder everyone at school wants to be her best friend!

heidi's haircut

 Heidi is the such a gorgeous girl and she has the most amazing hair.  It is so thick and it looks so pretty.  During the school year we let it grow so that it will be long enough for the dance recital to put up in a ballet bun.  She has been begging to get her hair cut for a long time and I set up an appointment as soon as I could after the recital.  I loved her hair long because I loved curling it and doing fun hair styles, but I was also excited for a new, fresh cut and an easier to brush style.  It turned out so cute and I am happy that she is so happy.  I think the new look makes her look even older and more mature.  I can't believe how fast she is growing.  Heidi is an amazing little girl.  She is so responsible and mature and I am way too hard on her.  She's my first and I feel like I make the most mistakes on her and I expect so much out of her.  I am so proud of her.  I love her heart.  She has always been my little buddy and watching her grow is very bittersweet.  Everyone loves Heidi and I feel like she has such a bright future ahead of her.  I love you my beautiful Heidi girl.  I couldn't ask for a better daughter!

summer days

 We have been having such a fun summer.  We have been doing fun weekend trips and during the week we have been having fun spending time together and not worrying about a schedule!  I am absolutely LOVING having Heidi home...I'm not sure I can send her back!  I love having more time to read to her, play games together, and just spend unstructured time together.  She is a million times happier and kinder!  I know she loves school, but I really think it wears her out.  Summer is way too short and I know it will be gone before we know it.

I have been trying to keep their days somewhat structured.  We do workbooks and chores in the morning.  Heidi did a week of swimming lessons.  We have been doing as many library summer reading activities as we can squeeze in.  The girls really loved the day the police officer and a ventriliquist came.  They have enjoyed checking out and reading a new stack of books each weeks!  I have also tried to squeeze in crafts and science experiments.  One day I had them working with baking soda and vinegar on the back porch.  Heidi was being so cute telling the girls things like, "Do you know what steam and fizz are?  That's part of science."  Then I guess Savanna saw a helicopter pass overhead and said something about maybe someone in the scriptures was in the helicopter to be funny.  I heard Heidi say, "The people in the scriptures are dead Savanna.  They are dead.  Sorry to bust your dreams."  I was standing in the kitchen trying to contain my laughter.

We have also had a fair amount of fighting and not getting enough sleep and grumpiness and running errands is definitely more difficult, but I would keep life like this and the girls this size forever if I could.  I love having them with me all of the time.  I love having our own schedule.  I love not stressing constantly about school germs.  Please slow down summer days.  You're passing way too quickly.

old timer's day

This post is out of order but as I was uploading pictures I realized I somehow forgot to post it and it is way too cute to not have record of!  This picture was taken at the beginning of May during the Old Timer's Day parade.  The Old Timer's Day parade was one of the first things we took the girls to when we moved out here two years ago, and it is something we look forward to each year.  The girls really love the parade and there are a bunch of other fun events that take place.  The girls had fun at the parade and we are looking forward to going again next May!