Wednesday, July 27, 2016

oh savanna

Oh sweet Savanna.  This child.  What a funny little girl she is.  She says the funniest things, makes the funniest faces, and can be the biggest spitfire one second and the biggest, most loving cuddle bug the next.  She keeps us on our toes and we would so very sad if we did not have this little firecracker to keep things interesting.  She picked up talking and language a little slower and still sometimes gets words and phrases mixed up.  When she first started talking a lot she would mix her verbs and nouns all of the time and would confuse what word she wanted to use.  She is doing an awesome job and the sounds are coming along better now, but she still gets a few things mixed up.  The other day I was getting ready and putting my make up on.  She was sitting next to me looking through some pictures.

Savanna: Hey mom, remember when I was a black kid?

I about died laughing.  First of all, I was so confused because we really do not talk about race a lot and I know we have never even said anything like, 'Oh he/she is a black person/kid".  So it seemed extra funny she would even say something like that and it was so, so funny because why on earth would she say such a thing??  I was trying so hard not to burst out laughing.

I looked at the picture she was looking at and it was her newborn picture. We always tell her she had dark black hair and had so much hair she even had fuzzy black shoulders.  That must be where the confusion came.

Me: Oh, you mean, do I remember when you had black hair?
Savanna: Yeah.

I was laughing about that  I still am.  Savanna, you are the best.  Seriously.

doctor visits

 These pictures are from today and are the most recent of these two.  We went to Montgomery Bell Park with some friends to play in the creek.

Monday we had doctor well child checks for Heidi and Caimbree.  Heidi will be 6 in a few weeks and needed a physical before school.

Height: 42 3/4 in.--12%
Weight: 37.6 lbs--10%

She is healthy and can hear and see perfectly so that is great news!  She was not the best patient, she never is haha.  They pricked her finger and you would think they cut off her arm and she also had to do a urine sample and we ended up having to do it at home and then take it back.  Sigh.
Caimbree had her two year check up and had one shot to catch up on.  She was the perfect little patient and barely whimpered when she got her shot.  Why do I have the feeling she will not always be that great of a patient?  Maybe I will luck out and she will remain that way so I at least have one that it isn't traumatic for all of us by the time the appointment is over!

Height:  31.5 in--4%
Weight:  23.4 lbs--8%

I'm happy those appointments are over!  Savanna will have hers in the fall when she turns 4.

They are all growing so fast!!

time for a little catch up

 My July posting has not been terrific.  I realized the month is almost over and I have posted one time!  I have been so busy catching up on scrapbooks each night that I haven't made much time for the blog.  Here are a few pictures I found recently in my phone.  We have been swimming a few times with our friends.  Even after swim lessons, Caimbree seems to do the best.  We will see how long it takes before she picks up on her older sister's anxiety.  Hopefully she won't because she is so cute swimming and telling us she is kicking her legs.  This is her with her friend Lincoln.  She tells us she loves Lincoln and he is just so sweet to her.  It was funny because Caimbree is so shy and rarely talks when others are around.  She let her guard down and starting chattering to Lincoln and he goes, '"Whoa!  She knows how to talk?!"  It made me laugh.
 Heidi starts school on August 10...that is later than the other grades, but still way too early for me.  We have been reading during nap time and I am pretty sure I  might enjoy the time even more than she does.  So far Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is her favorite.  I am so going to miss her when she's at school all day next year.
 Jeff has been so busy but still managed to make time to build me a bookshelf for our bonus room.  I had all of the books organized in some attic space in the bonus room and nowhere to put them.   The girls have been so happy to have them all so easily accessible and, as always, he did such a beautiful job.  I can't wait to see the kitchen table he will be building soon.  What a talented man!  The first day the girls saw the shelf with all of their books in it they sat reading right in front of it for over an hour.  It was so fun to watch.  I love the little readers that they are and hope they will always
 enjoy reading!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

fourth of july

 I am behind.  Very behind.  The last few weeks have been a whirlwind.  When I think about everything I need to catch up on, I get a little overwhelmed.  Now that we are unpacked and settled for the most part (we still have a few pictures to hang and a few odds and ends), I am desperately trying to catch up on documenting the last year of the girl's lives in their baby books and scrapbooks.

 We were still trying to settle in on Fourth of July.  We didn't want to pass it by though in spite of the craziness we were going through.  The girls were so excited to pick out red, white, and blue outfits.

The evening was actually a little rainy, but we still had a great time and saw some fireworks.  Our friends invited us to celebrate with them, which was very kind and we had a great time!  The girls were very tired by the time we got home!  They have been so busy enjoying all of the things they haven't seen in over a year.  They love the new house and so far have handled the new transition perfectly!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

a new start in a new place

 This is a ridiculous amount of pictures, but I wanted to document the house.  I am not a photographer by any means and the color looks off in a lot of the pictures, but it's better than nothing!  We are so incredibly pleased with how the house came together.  Our builder was absolutely amazing and helped us get the exact look we wanted.  We have moved almost all of our stuff into the garage and tomorrow we will move the furniture into the house and begin the task of unpacking and settling.  It has been a very long,
 exhausting, and very emotional week.  I feel so blessed to be able to live in this gorgeous home and at the same time, I feel very scared to let myself become attached to it completely.  I feel happy, sad, scared, excited, overwhelmed, anxious, and just plain exhausted.  The girls are excited but I also think they are nervous for what life is going to feel like in a different place.  The last year has been such a whirlwind.  I am hoping Jeff's job continues to be wonderful and that it remains stable.  I am hopeful we will continue to love the area we are in and that this is finally a place we will live for a long, long time.  If we were ever to need to move again, the opportunity to build our home again probably won't be a possibility so I hope we can enjoy this home and make thousands of memories in these walls.

Office/scrapbooking/craft room

This is covered porch off the eating area.  They are finishing screening it in this week...a must in the south.  The straw is there for some yard work they are doing this week sometime.

We love this home and can't wait to sleepin it tomorrow!  
I am excited to be unpacked and settled and for life to slow down just a touch
so I can start enjoying regular day to day life with Jeff and the girls.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

swimming lessons

I finally found a swim class that I could get the girls into this summer.  Of course it fell the same week we are moving, but hey, they need lessons.  I was so nervous about how the lesson would go.  It's every morning for one week. The girls are both a little hesitant about water, Heidi always has been and Savanna plays off of Heidi's water anxiety.  I was planning for the absolute worst but hoping for the best.  Savanna doesn't do well with going to class type situations but I figured since they could be in the same class it would be a higher chance she would cooperate and at least get over to the teacher.

 I was so proud of the girls!  Savanna was so cooperative and was even the first to volunteer to do some of the activities!  Neither one of them liked the going under the water part, but it will take time and practice to be comfortable with that feeling.  They woke up really happy to go again so that is a good sign!  Both of them did mention this morning that they didn't want to go under water and Savanna said she didn't want to go because she didn't want to jump in, so again, I am just hoping and praying for the best!  The teacher is really good and very encouraging.  I hope the remainder of the week goes smoothly and that by the end they feel more comfortable with the idea of swimming because let's be honest, it gets hot enough here we need to be able to spend summer in the pool!