Saturday, February 17, 2018

birthday prank

 Oh I got Jeff so good this year and I'm still chuckling about almost a month later.  I posted on an LDS page the first post.  I wasn't sure what would happen, but Jeff ended up getting over 300 birthday text messages and it was absolutely hilarious....from the actual messages, to people's comments on the page.  Poor Jeff was just so confused and as we all do, started thinking of theories about what was going on and why he had over 200 text messages when he got back to his desk after a day of meetings.  My favorite theory was that someone hacked his facebook account.  I said, "So you think someone hacked your account and is sending you birthday messages?!"  It was just so funny.  He was a great sport about it and we all got the biggest kick out of the messages he was receiving.  It really was fun for all of us, including him, and I'm sure will make it one of the birthdays he won't forget!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

happy birthday, jeff

 We had a great time celebrating our favorite man!!  It really seems like we were just eating cheesecake for his 35th birthday and here we are another year later!  The girls were SO excited to make this day a special one for their daddy.  They wanted party hats, balloons, and blowers.  They wanted to hide and then jump out and surprise him when he got home.  They wanted to have banners and hearts with reasons why we love him.  They wanted me to make a video of each of them and they wanted to make sure I got him the right saw for his present!  I loved how happy they were to make his day special.  They loved to be "secretive" about their plans, although a certain 3 year old had a hard time keeping the surprise party a secret.  I loved watching them hide and hearing their little voices talking to each other in the dark about if the noise they heard was Jeff's car door closing.  It was so cute to see their excitement about the little blowers and party hats.  They love to make other people happy and that is one of the things I love the most about all of them!  I am sure that Jeff will always remember how fun they made this birthday and I hope it is a really
fabulous year for him! 

Sunday, February 4, 2018

family night

 We have been doing our family night on Sunday this school year because Caimbree has dance on Monday evenings.  It actually works out really well and I prefer it not on a school night anyway.  Last week we had a really simple but meaningful lesson that has really helped us all with our mindset!  I thought I would just stick it in the blog book so if we forget, maybe we can remind ourselves later. I told the girls the red balls were all the good things we have in our lives--things that are going well, people who love us and we love, things to look forward to, etc.  The green balls are bumps in the road--things that don't go as planned or perfect, sickness, something mean someone says, etc.  We have the choice which balls we will focus on and sometimes we get stuck only paying attention to the green balls and when we do that, we aren't as happy or grateful for all that we have.  We also talked about how people in our lives all have things we love so much about them and maybe a few things we would do differently or little annoyances that they have and we can choose to focus on the green or red, and if we only focus on the green it will be a
lot harder to notice their good qualities and the green balls will seem bigger.  It was a great visual!

This other picture isn't related to the post, but I don't want to forget how this little bug would often fall asleep in my arms when I would read to her in the late afternoon.  She doesn't take formal naps anymore because it is just too hard to get her to bed, but she still needs them and will crash in the car or in my arms frequently.  I'm going to miss holding her sleeping little body and watching her peaceful little face!
2cellos came to town and we decided it would be a great concert to attend!  Heidi really wanted to go because that girl is crazy about music and she absolutely loves pianos, violins, and cellos!  The concert was pretty late at night so we decided not to take her this time, but we are planning on taking her to the Nashville Symphony.  I love how much she loves music and how much she appreciates all genres, including classical.  We went with some of our friends and it was an awesome concert!!  It was definitely not your typical cello or classical concert. The talent was unbelievable!!!!  They played everything from classical to ACDC to Michael Jackson.  They were running around playing the cellos like electric guitars.  It was incredible and so very entertaining!  We had a blast!

wrapped around daddy's finger

Caimbree has Jeff completely wrapped around her finger.  She is the first of our kids to equally want dad as much as she wants mom...and she has always been that way!  She has never really had a preference and has just always loved being with Jeff.  She absolutely loves four wheelers and being outside in the garage and just spending time with Jeff in general.  There are even times she wakes up with a nightmare calling for daddy.  She is the first to run and give him a huge hug when he gets home and will run up to him and give him hugs for no reason other than to just love him.  Sometimes it makes my mom heart a tiny bit sad, but at the same time, I am just so happy for him because it makes him so, so happy whenever she wraps her little arms around his neck or grabs his hand.  He loves that she loves four wheelers as much as he does (maybe even more haha).  We love the age she is at and wish we could just freeze time for a few years.  No matter how much she grows though, I think she is always going to be pretty attached to her daddy.

haircut for Caimbree

Caimbree's hair was getting so long!  It was super cute and fun to do lots of hairstyles with, but it was really just getting too long and time for a change.  The lady she likes to her hair has been booked for a long time and she finally got Caimbree in.  We were all thrilled with just how cute it turned out.  Now she wants to wear her down all of the time and she says she loves having her hair shorter!  She is just such a cute, cute girl!

build a bear

 For Christmas the girls got some Build-a-Bear gift cards.  They had so much fun a few years ago when Grandma H took them and we thought it would be such a fun gift. 

We all had a blast!  Heidi and Savanna knew right away which bear they wanted and Caimbree took a little bit to decide.  She was so young when she went the first time and didn't remember the experience.  She was SO cute this time and loved every single second. 

Heidi named her cat, "Sprinkles", Savanna named her leopard, "Pink Spotty Leopard", and Caimbree named her bear, "Tutu".

They were so cute when we got home and wanted to go for a walk to show their new friend their new neighborhood and home.  They introduced them right away to their sisters (the first build a bear).  It was cute.  There's just something special about making your own new friend to love!