Saturday, July 5, 2014

fun on the fourth

 We had a fun day celebrating our country yesterday!  The girls were excited to get dressed up for the town parade.  We discovered we didn't have red, white, and blue for Caimbree but she looked cute anyway.
 I was soooo nervous to take Caimbree out. I have never taken any of my babies to public places until they are at least 7 weeks old, but it is going to be a lot more challenging with two other littles who need to be out...especially now that it is nicer weather. Hopefully I don't regret taking her to her first parade at 2 weeks old.
 We kept Caimbree shaded and protected in the baby sling most of the time and luckily no one came over trying to get a peek or anything.
 We assumed the parade started at 10...that seems like a logical time for a parade.  Jeff was freaking out about getting a spot so we left around 9:15.  It seemed unusually empty and we were beginning to wonder if there even was a parade.  Turns out it started at 11.
 So we had a lot of time to wait.  We went for a few walks while we waited.  Caimbree snoozed.
 Heidi and Savanna had a dance party in the street while they waited. It was so fun watching them dance in the street and I am glad I didn't stay home with Caimbree because I would have missed it.
 My favorite picture of the whole day. My heart melts when I see these two holding hands.  Heidi was teaching Savanna all about parades and what to do.
 Jeff told Heidi to wave at the people in the parade so she stood on the line and waved non-stop.  Of course, she is not aggressive at all so when the candy was thrown she pretty much waited for all the kids to get out of the way and by then it was gone. She managed to get a few pieces.  After watching the parade for 10 minutes, Savanna spent her time climbing and pushing the camp chairs around.
 We came home and took naps and then Jeff started his firework show for the girls.  Savanna was done at 8, but Heidi made it to almost 11:00pm.  She was thrilled with all of it and loved picking which fireworks Jeff should light.  She was adorable running around with her sparklers.
 Jeff enjoyed the fireworks more than everyone.  He had taken the girls to choose some shortly after we got home from the hospital.  He took advantage of me not being there to stop him from going overboard.  Oh boy.  At least it's only once a year.
This isn't even half the stash he had.  Heidi had so much fun choosing the next one to go off and Jeff and I both loved watching her little face.  Maybe next year Savanna will want to stay up and watch.  They still have some left so I am sure the will do a few more every night the rest of the week. Our neighbors are going to love us.  Good thing we are quiet 364 days of the year.

We sure love America.  I am so grateful I get to raise my girls in this country.  
Happy Birthday, America!

Thursday, July 3, 2014


 It's been awhile since I have is definitely crazy with three!  Caimbree is two weeks old today, which seems pretty crazy because two weeks has zipped by.  Actually, to tell you the truth, all of this parenting thing is zipping by.  Fastest years of my life and I am so not enjoying seeing them grow so fast.  I wish I could have just a little longer at each stage.  Heidi and Savanna have been really enjoying their new little sister.  Heidi is the best helper.  She holds Caimbree whenever I need her to, she talks to her when she sees her in the bouncy seat or on the floor, and she gets me anything and everything I need when I can't.  I don't know what I would do without her.  Savanna is enthralled with Caimbree and walks around the house looking for her making kissing noises.  It cracks me up.
 So far Caimbree has been a great baby, but she seems to prefer to catch her z's in the day.  She is definitely loved and gets loads and loads of hugs and kisses and she is totally completely spoiled.  She spends very little time not being held.  At first when I saw Caimbree I didn't think she looked like Heidi or Savanna, but there are times I think I am looking at Heidi as a newborn.  She definitely doesn't look like Savanna as a newborn, but time will tell.
 I was soooo lucky to have Jeff's mom to help out this time.  I was able to heal a million times faster with her here to help keep Heidi and Savanna happy, cook, and clean.  Seriously, I have never been spoiled with so much help and I can't even describe how much of a difference it made.  It was so nice to know the older girls were being loved and cared for, the dishes and laundry were magically done, there was always a delicious meal ready, and I was able to get a nap in everyday. I was able to get off the medicine almost a week earlier than usual.
 The girls loved getting in the sprinkler every day with grandma.  They don't like the water very high and they don't get very wet, but they sure think it's fun.  Savanna is so cute she likes to hold grandma's hand and stick one foot in the water.
 After going in the water for 15 seconds, Heidi would need to lay out on her towel.
 Savanna just wipes her face on her towel.  She can't sit still for long and I have very few pictures of her face because she is constantly moving before the picture snaps!
 When Caimbree was one week old we had her newborn pictures taken.  When my neighbor told me she was moving I had just found out I was pregnant and I bawled.  I was sad to see her go and super sad she wouldn't be around to photograph our new baby.  I was happy I was able to find someone else in town who did newborn pictures and she came to our house, which made it super easy.  I don't have all of them yet, but here is a sneak peak of my favorites.  Caimbree couldn't have been a sweeter, easier baby to work with.
 Life with three is definitely going to be busy and exhausting.  I was able to heal physically faster his time, but I think emotionally it may take a little longer...for totally different reasons than I was anticipating.  Hoping these hormones start leveling out soon.  I am so grateful to my mother in law for dropping everything in her life to come and help me get on my feet!  I would have been lost without her!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Caimbree Rae

Caimbree Rae
7:55 AM
6 lbs. 13 oz.
18 inches
 I am devastated by the lack of pictures I have from Caimbree's first day!  She did not come when or how we were planning and while we managed to grab most of the essentials, the camera didn't make it into the car.

Caimbree's due date was June 28 and her c-section was scheduled for June 21.  I had been having so many contractions and signs of labor that I was shocked when I went to my 38 week appointment and nothing was happening. It looked like she was going to make it to her scheduled date and I was thrilled.  I mean, how nice to just show up in the scheduled day, prepared
and ready.

Thursday morning at 2AM my water broke...only I wasn't really sure, orI was in denial about it.  I didn't want to wake Jeff up and I really, really didn't want to wake the girls up.  Plus, their suitcases weren't packed. I tried to convince myself that I drank too much water before bed and the baby's head probably just hit my bladder really hard, even though nothing like what I experienced had ever happened in either of my previous pregnancies.  I couldn't sleep and went upstairs to get on the internet an research it a little.  When I got up again, I was pretty sure
Caimbree's gift to the girls...they were quite pleased
 my water had broken but I really did not want to believe it because I so did not want to wake everyone up.  Finally at 2:45 I decided I better tell Jeff.  As I expected, he started freaking out and started telling me to get the girls and get in the car.  I told him to stop panicking because I had only had 2 contractions since my water had broken. I called the doctor on call and he told me it probably had broken and to start heading to the closest hospital.  Much to Jeff's dismay, I jumped in the shower.  Then I went upstairs and packed the girls up and we loaded everybody up in the van.

My biggest fear was that we would get to the hospital and they would tell me I had peed my pants and to go home.  By the time we started driving though the contractions started and continued about 5 minutes apart the entire drive. It didn't take them more than 2 seconds to tell me that my water did break and they were going to start prepping for surgery immediately.   I am just so grateful we made it to Utah to the hospital I was planning on delivering.  My doctor was out of town, but the doctor that delivered Heidi was on call and I really like him so it was fine.  

Little miss Caimbree didn't come when we thought she would, but she sure is a doll!  She has been a dream so far and Heidi and Savanna adore her.  There will be lots of adjusting when we get home, but we are so happy to have her with us.  I feel like our family is complete!  We love you Caimbree Rae!

Monday, June 16, 2014

we love daddy

We have been pretty excited to celebrate Father's Day at our house.  So excited that we have been ready since the middle of May.  Jeff's presents were hiding in a closet for quite awhile and I am shocked beyond belief that Heidi did not spill the beans.  She has been so cute about keeping that secret.  I got up with the girls and we made Jeff's favorite breakfast--German Pancakes with buttermilk syrup.  Of course we made him one of his favorite dinners and apple crisp for dessert as well.  Savanna is teething and was really not in the mood for pictures....or anything else for that matter.  We hope that tooth pops in sooner rather than later.
 Heidi could not wait for her dad to wake up.  Jeff isn't trying to take a selfie here, he is holding something up to try to get Savanna to look at least somewhat happy. Jeff was pretty excited about the ice cream maker we got him and can't wait to try it out for family night.  He has been talking about how fun it would be for awhile now and when I gave the girls suggestions of what we could do for Father's Day, Heidi was more than a little excited about that one.  She kept saying, "That would be a perfect present.  Dad loves ice cream."  She also made him a little map holder at story time one week and she was so, so, so excited to see his face when he saw it. She insisted it go in a special spot in the trailer so we had it for camping.  I really think she was more excited about Father's Day and making her daddy happy than she is about pretty much any other holiday with the exception of maybe Christmas.
We tried to get a decent picture of daddy and his girls (probably the last one before he is trying to hold three little girls), but Savanna was still not cooperating.  Heidi was trying to make her smile by making funny noises but Savanna was too busy trying to chew her book to even notice what Heidi was doing.

Good picture or not, I am so unbelievably, beyond words, grateful my girls have such a great man and example for their daddy.  If only every child in the world could have a dad like Jeff.  Jeff gets up at the crack of dawn to go into work on the early bus.  Not because he has to, but because he can't get all of his work done in a regular day.  He does this so he can leave on time because he doesn't like getting home late and missing one minute of time with his girls.  He comes home dead tired and doesn't say one word about how tired he is or how hard and stressful his day was.  He won't even sit for a second.  He immediately starts throwing the girls around, asking them about their day, and telling them how much he loves them and missed them.  He reads to them.  He gets excited about what they are excited about.  He laughs at the funny things they do.  When they are playing there is never a shortage of laughter...from all 3 of them.  He dances with them.  He loves having them work with him on projects and is so incredibly patient even though whatever he is doing takes three times as long with them at his side. He lights up when he talks about them.  He is a good example and feels it is so important to teach them the gospel.  There really are a million things that make him such a great dad and I feel like in spite of all of my shortcomings as a mother, they will be okay because they have him as their dad.  Happy, happy Father's Day, Jeff.  We hope you know how much we love and appreciate all you do!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

time to head for the mountains

Please excuse her post nap hair and post dinner face.  We loaded all the camping stuff into its new home and Savanna had to ride each and every sleeping bag like a horse before we could take it out.  This child is seriously hilarious.
 Warmer weather has finally come and that means it's time to plan some serious camping trips...never mind that we have 6 days until baby girl #3 makes her debut.  We used our tax return to buy a Rhino, or as the girls call it, the jeep four wheeler.  We have been saving for a long time to get a camper because, let's face it, with little ones, it really is so much easier to camp in a trailer.
 We found a 2005 trailer in unbelievable condition and couldn't pass it up.  The girls seriously cannot get enough of it...and neither can Jeff.  We brought it home yesterday night and they have been in it pretty much all day.  I cannot get enough of those two cute little faces.  They love testing out all of the beds and think everything in that trailer is the coolest thing they have ever seen.
 Heidi and Jeff are planning out camping trips already.  I think they have us scheduled for every weekend for the rest of the summer.  We do live 20 minutes from great camping so it is pretty ridiculous we haven't gone more than we have.  Hopefully having the trailer will help us go a lot more frequently.
 This is what I got when I told them to smile. Seriously.  I can't take the cuteness. Heidi has already called this queen bed at the front of the trailer (the one that is obviously meant for me and Jeff) as her and Savanna's bed and has figured out exactly where she will put her doctor's kit and the fly swatter.  So funny.
We are so grateful to have found a nice trailer with a reasonable price so we can make lots and lots of family memories together.  It fits the Rhino perfectly and it also fits perfectly behind our fence. We can't wait to enjoy the mountains this summer and many, many more to come!

Friday, May 30, 2014

little readers

 It's no secret that Savanna idolizes Heidi.  She literally cannot be anywhere Heidi isn't for long periods of time and copies every.single.thing Heidi does.  Last night I wrapped Heidi's head in a towel after her bath to help it dry and Savanna fell apart because she didn't have a towel on her head too. Heidi adores reading and the last few mornings I have found these two like this.  Apparently whatever Heidi wanted to read was so good, she couldn't even finish getting dressed.
 This is Savanna's surprised face and it is one of my favorite faces.  She has the cutest, funniest little expressions and apparently this book was quite shocking.
As a former teacher, there isn't anything that makes me happier than seeing my two beauties enjoying books together!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

the end of preschool

 Preschool has officially ended for the year!
 We celebrated with a picnic in the park.  The girls got little certificates and we put their little hand prints on them.  They had a fun year together and it was such a cute group of girls.  I'm glad it worked out to be all girls because it was a perfect introduction for Heidi.  She grew a lot socially.
Academically I would say Heidi grew the most in her writing skills.  She has gotten so good at writing and tracing letters.  I am so proud of her and can't believe the year is already over!  It seems like yesterday we were getting her ready for her first day!