Wednesday, April 17, 2013


The two love bugs.  
Morning glad they're mine.
 Yesterday we headed to Park City to have an official allergy test done on Heidi.  We knew she had the peanut allergy, but we wanted to see if she had any other allergies, get a prescription for an epi pen, and see if we could see just how severe of an allergy we were facing.  I was so grateful Jeff took a day off to come with us (especially since it was snowing....what the?  I swear winter isn't going to end this year) and I was also grateful to my sweet mother-in-law who came to help with Savanna and join us for lunch.  Heidi, of course, was very distraught over getting tested, but the nurses were great and she did pretty well.

The peanut didn't give her as bad of a reaction on the scratch test as we thought so there is some hope she will outgrow it, although the chances are very slim.  The scratch test also showed an allergy to dogs and sunflower.  They also tested Savanna and while we are thrilled she isn't showing signs of peanut allergy, she is highly allergic to eggs.  Seriously?  I think that one is going to be far more difficult than the peanut, but the great news is that 80-90% of people outgrow egg allergies, so we are crossing our fingers she outgrows it.

Both of my little troopers also had to have blood work done.  The blood work will give us even more information as to how serious the allergies are and the likelihood of outgrowing them.  We will get more information on that in a week or so.

Heidi was showered with little trinkets at the allergist and the hospital and grandma also spoiled her with a pinwheel.  Savanna also liked the toys, especially her pinwheel and Heidi's little purple chicken.  Heidi had her laughing harder than I have ever heard her laugh by talking to her with the chicken.  By the time we got home she thought the allergist had been loads of fun because of all her new toys.  Of course 3 of her 5 toys were broken before we even walked in the door.  I came downstairs to her telling me, "Mom.  My best toys keep breaking because they were made in China, but dad is going to fix them."  I have a feeling Jeff said something about them being made in China and being the parrot that she is, she picked up on it.  It sure made me laugh.  Hopefully our next visit to the allergist will bring toys made in the good old USA!

*Update: So the allergist called me today with blood results.  Savanna's allergy is actually very likely to go away (hooray!!!!) but Heidi's peanut allergy is far worse than the scratch test showed.  She has less than a 10% chance of outgrowing it and I was told to avoid peanuts at all costs (which we obviously already do) and to fill the epi pen prescription as soon as possible.  He will go into more detail when we go again.  At least we know.

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Dana Nye said...

Oh my goodness! I'm glad Savanna's okay. Good luck with everything Heidi's going through. I was laughing at the toys made in China comment! She sounds like a funny girl!