Wednesday, July 5, 2017

family night bowling

 We decided to take the girls bowling for family night.  We have free bowling for the girls all summer and this is the first time we have gone.  Summer has been so busy and it is going way too fast.  Heidi decided she was too big to use the ramps, which led to quite a bit of frustration the first time she threw the ball, but once she tried a few different times she was having fun.  She wants to be so grown up and I just want her to slow down!  Savanna stayed a little more focused this time, but mostly wanted to play on the playground area.  Unfortunately they changed it and you had to pay to use the playground area and we only had a few minutes before we had to go.  She was so sad, but I promised her we would go back when we had more time to do both.  Caimbree was funny because by the end she didn't want to push the ball.  She wanted me to set it on the ramp and then have me let go so it would just go down on its own.  Funny little girl.  It was a great night!

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