Thursday, August 22, 2013

the three year old

On Heidi's actual birthday we went for a walk to the park for a picnic.  While we were walking, she said, "Mom, I just can't believe I'm three.  Do you remember when I was two?"  Yes, Heidi, I do.  I remember when you were two and when you were two months and two weeks, and two days old.  I remember holding you for the first time when you were two hours old.  It is all going entirely too quickly.  I love the stage we are at and I don't really want it to go by so quickly.  I love spending our days at the park, going to story time, reading books together, and seeing how exciting the world is through the eyes of a three year old.  Heidi requested a duck cake for her birthday.  I had some issues with the consistency of the cake and getting the frosting on, but it turned out pretty cute and she was so thrilled about it.  I love that she is at the age not to be picky about things like that and is just excited about anything and everything.  We did candles on every meal that day, but she was really excited when it came time to blow out the cake candles.

 Heidi's present from us was a bike.  After going back and forth on what type to get her and having her try a whole bunch of different kinds, we ended up going with the balance bike.  With her cautious little personality we decided it would be the best choice in the long run because I don't think she would ever give up training wheels.  She absolutely loves it and we can't believe how quickly she is picking up on it.  She is really starting to cruise and we can't wait until she gets brave enough to put her feet up.  She was even more excited that we got her a blue bike.
 Here is a glimpse of Heidi at three years old.

*Her favorite toys are her stuffed animals.  She rotates between which one is her favorite for the day and carries it around, dresses it in Savanna's clothes, takes it wherever we go, feeds it, and sleeps with it.  Her very favorites seem to be puppy pups, kitty kits, stinky pinky (her pink teddy bear), elephant, and giraffy.
*Heidi is the most amazing big sister.  I cannot believe how sweet she is to Savanna.  She talks to her in the sweetest voice and plays so cute with her.  She shares her toys and is so excited for the day Savanna can join in on all of her games.  I can't believe how patient she is when Savanna grabs her hair or topples on top of her.  My favorite thing to watch is when people are talking to Savanna.  Heidi just watches with a huge grin and proud look on her face.
*Heidi loves to play doctor and has a huge imagination.  She says she wants to be a vet when she grows up.
 *Heidi started doctoring her animals long before she ever discovered the show "Doc McStuffins", but that show has become her favorite.  She really isn't into tv or movies, but she will sit through an entire episode of that show.  She is allowed to watch one a day if she is good while I run in the morning.  We have tried to get her to watch movies with us, but she lasts for about 5 minutes and says she is bored.
*Absolutely adores reading.  She reads to herself and her animals all day and has me read to her at least 45 min to an hour.  On library days we pretty much read all day long.  It's definitely my favorite thing to do with her.
 *Heidi has a huge vocabulary and everyone always comments on it.  She cracks me up with all the things she says.  "I was going to read to my animals, but apparently the fence guys are being loud."  "Oh, mom don't forget my water.  I don't want to get dehydrated."
*Very few people get the joy of seeing the real Heidi.  She never stops talking, singing, or dancing at home but around other people she clams right up.  She is really shy.
*Still really hesitant about new situations.  She likes her routine and her familiar surroundings.
*We love watching her little dances and she likes to put on dance parties.
*Knows all of her capital letters and counts to 10.  If she gets really excited about what she's counting she skips 5.
*Heidi has the sweetest, most tender little heart.  If she even thinks you are mad or sad she falls apart.  She will come up and give me a hug and say, "I thought you needed that."  She constantly says things like, "I just love you so much.  You're the best mom."  Having her around makes being a mom a little more rewarding.  She says things like, "Thanks for getting me a blue bike.  I love it." and she even thanks people for me.  For example, Jeff was helping clean up dinner and I was upstairs changing Savanna.  I heard her say, "Thanks, dad for cleaning the dishes for mom."  It is so hard not to spoil her because she is just so sweet.

*Heidi is my little helper.  Whenever I ask her do something she usually says, "Sure I can!" or "You bet I can!"  She loves it when things are neat and tidy and she will make sure to let the world know when something is messy or smelly.  We have yet to go into a public restroom where she doesn't say something like, "Poof, what stinks in here?" or "Man, this place sure is filthy."
*Goes to bed around 8pm and gets up around 6:30am.  Take a nap from about 1:30-3:30pm.  I admit I usually wake her in the morning because I like her to take a nap still and I like keeping her and Savanna on the same schedule.
*Heidi is still a huge, enormous mama's girl.  She adores her dad and loves to play with him all night long, but she clings to me like you wouldn't believe.  Especially in new situations.  If she is tired, hurt, or hungry she wants mom immediately.  Even if she is playing or helping her dad happily, she only lasts about a max of 2 hours before she wants to find mom.  

*Her favorite games to play with dad are spider girl and wild ball.  One day she saw some of her balls on the floor and she got a look of concentration on her face and then said, "Have you noticed I usually play wild with dad?  I don't really play wild with mom so much."  That's why we love dads so much.
*Not too crazy about water.  She still doesn't love her bath although we don't usually have too many tears (as long as mom is the one doing the bathing) but the idea of swim lessons, swimming, getting wet, etc. does not sound fun to her.
*Although she has gotten better in the last two weeks, Heidi is absolutely terrified of all bugs.
*Loves puzzles.
*Loves to camp.
*Favorite foods are spaghetti, GRAPEFRUIT (absolutely cannot get enough), zucchini, red grapes, pasta, ham, chicken, steak, and roast.

We are so lucky have such a sweet, darling little girl to love!
She makes life so much more exciting.
We love you, Heidi Bug!

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